Monday, December 20, 2004

We're almost there...

It doesn't look like I'm gonna, either.  This is going to be a "Kids only" Christmas.  Bummer.  We've had worse years, honestly, and everything I do around the holidays is for them anyway.

This weekend we baked a ton of cookies, and Kayla's turned out the best.  I'm really impressed with my last minute impressed I'm gonna share.

Biscochitos are a New Mexico Christmas tradition.  They're little cookies with a very unique taste.  Basically the flour is very dry and fatty - one cup of lard, three cups of flour, some baking powder, a dash of salt and one egg.  Then, the recipe called for three tablespoons of sweet wine, which is basically the only liquid to the stuff.  Come to find out, Louie drank the sweet wine.  Sooooo I used Aileen's Kahlua (spelling?) and they turned out better than they ever have.  They're wonderful. 

(hint: if you wanna make them, add a smidge of water to make the batter wet enough to hold together to roll out.  The recipe calls for anise seed but I don't care for the taste so I nixed it.  Use cute cookie cutters and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.  Bake at 350 for 15 minutes, or until they're browned on the bottom - they won't get too brown on the top.)

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  I might attempt empanadas this Friday, but that's still up in the air.  I'll let you know.

Drew - if you're out there, e-mail me, ya brat.

have a wonderful rest of your monday



kuhlhiggins said...

Sounds like everyone baked cookies over the weekend- Including me. Your cookies sound yummy.

andreakingme said...

I made hamburgers over the weekend. Pizzaburgers, actually. ;-P

One year when Oogie (me mum) was strapped for cash during the holidays, she wrapped everything in newspaper. EVERYthing. It looked pretty cool.

My friend Carol makes her kids sing for their presents. If she's feeling especially evil, she'll make them join hands with her and do a ring-around-the-posie to Jingle Bells.

What you do with this idea is up to you.

kristeenaelise said...


Sing for their gifts, eh?  Oooooh this could prove to be a defining moment with a teenage daughter at home.....

I love the way you think.  The song that the little guys sing on the original Grinch movie would be perfect.

=) k