Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Blog Firing and more of the same

I took this pic at the museum this weekend.  Its gorgeous, despite its little wilted petal.  I guess that's the best we can do with tropicals here in the desert.

John Scalzi wrote in his journal today about people getting fired over their blogs.  I'd read Peachy's stuff about her getting fired over her blog material a while back, and I didn't realize this was a common thing.  Mind you, everything I write about my boss and my job is usually positive, (Except for when I talk about how annoying he can be, which he knows because I tell him right to his face when he bugs me and he does the same.)  I can't imagine getting fired over what amounts to an online diary. 

The exceptions to that statement are obvious.  Obviously if you're writing about being a criminal, like embezzling money, killing people, drug use or other unacceptable behavior, you're likely to get fired. As someone in the accounting profession, I also understand if I got on here and broke obvious codes of conduct I'd get canned (like broadcasting confidential financial information), but I'd deserve it.  (Hint to dorky people who want to do stuff like that:  make it private!)

John's entry is the first one I've read where its backfired on the employer, but I'd never heard of this happening before just recently.  Does anyone else know about this?  Is it an ongoing thing? 

Is it fair?

Honestly, with the exceptions above and other obvious ones, I don't think so.  This is my personal rant space, and if I want to call my boss a jerk it should be my business.  Its just ranting, as long as I don't do it on company time (like right now).   I didn't realize that your personal blogspace was fair game for your employer to go seek and read, much less fire you over the content. 


Unrelated story - a former supervisor of mine once accidentally forwarded a ranty negative e-mail about her boss directly to him, instead of sending it to me, the intended recipient.  Talk about embarassing.  All he did was send it back to her with the comment, "I don't think this was intended for me.".  I think he knew the humiliation she was going through was enough.  Whoops!


My boss is out of town for the rest of the week.  He gets to be in Cancun drinking a beer on the beach while we work, but I'm not resentful.  Actually, I was so looking forward to his little vacation so I could get caught up.  This normally clean organized person has not seen the surface of her desk since before Christmas, and my goal is to not only see the surface but to have it clean by Friday.  I know I can do it, because the boys won't be here bugging.  Go me?

What is it with the organizing bug lately?  Seems like so much of us have it!!  My favorite hippy gave some great tips in her journal, but here's one I like best:  Clean as if you're moving, and throw out or get rid of all the stuff you don't want to pack and move.  I have gotten rid of SO MUCH JUNK that way.  I'm going little by little, and it makes my environment feel so much nicer.  I'm also going by the rule that if I haven't looked at it or used it for six months, I don't need it.

I just wonder if its something in the atmosphere that a lot of us are busily cleaning and organizing.  It feels good, huh!


OK that's it for today.  Thank me later.

Happy Wednesday!!


p.s./RANT:  As its been said before all over J-Land, if you use someone's journal entry or ideas or stuff, give them credit for it (like I did).  So many people just plagiarize or copy & paste, and that's not very nice.  Just saying.

All done! =)


martinsek5 said...

Hi there.  Just stopping by your journal for the first time and thought I'd say hello.  YOu have a nice place :-)  Pamela

jeff466 said...

I agree with you on the blog firing, if you are on your own time it should be just that, your own time.  

I can't believe your friend that sent the email to the boss instead of you!  That sounds like something I would do, how embarrasing!  

I like that idea of clean like you are moving-unfortunately in the next week I will be moving, going in search of boxes tomorrow!

I love all the pictures you post, the sunsets are beautiful.  Jeff

phlskygirl said...

Ok, I actually AM moving soon... anyone need a solid oak mission-style futon or a Bowflex PowerPro?  Anyone?......  Anyone?......
Ok, anyone know if Salvation Army picks up heavy furniture?  Anyone?......  Anyone?......