Thursday, January 6, 2005

Don't Wanna.

Yes I have tons of awesome pics sitting on my camera but haven't had the time to upload them, so you get this from Art By Cheryl.  Its kinda cute, I think.

The huge storm that just left here is headed east - I hope y'all don't get too much yucky stuff.  I think most of us New Mexicans actually enjoyed the precip.  The mountains looked awesome yesterday - hopefully I can get those pics loaded later.

I have a really bad case of the dontwannas today.  Piles and piles of stuff on my desk, and I'm so overwhelmed that I just ... well, don't wanna.


I'm forcing myself to go back to the gym after work after an extremely long break.  You know, holidays, finals, work....yeah whatever.  No more excuses, I'm headed back.  I only gained 2.5 lbs over the holidays, which in the grand scheme of things really isn't that bad.  Back on the wagon again.

Its so funny to drive by the park and see TONS of people walking and jogging.  This is really sad to say, but I bet in a couple of weeks that number will be back down to like the one or two regulars.  That's what I hate about the gym this time of year...its so crowded for the first few weeks in January, then we hang on to a couple but the rest go back to life as normal.


I was soooo grouchy yesterday it was unreal...then I get this phone call in the afternoon from the president of the local CFMA chapter.  (Construction Financial Management Association - that's the conference I attended in New Orleans this past May)  Apparently he's trying to fill board positions for the new year and guess who got selected.  I think it'll be a blast, but finding the time is going to be the tough part.  Oh well, my boss is always telling me to get involved in local accounting organizations....I guess this is finally getting involved.  The installment banquet is later this month - it should be pretty cool.  (No, ifyou're wondering I don't know how to turn people down.  Yes I realize I work full time, college part time and have two children at home.  I'll figure it out.)  I think it'll be a great opportunity, and who knows - maybe I'll get to go to this year's conference in Boston....


Anyway, I'm wondering if this is a general sentiment out there....anyone else have the dontwannas today?  I'm dreaming of strolling the mall or chilling with my kids, or painting, or curling up with a good book....

I guess I'll work on taxes instead, darnit.

Happy Thursday!!



kuhlhiggins said...

I have the don't wannas too today. Unfortunately I have to be at work today because my co worker is on vacation. There are so many other things I would rather be doing than sitting here at work being my pleasant old self. That is good you are back on the wagon again. Good luck to you on that.

phlskygirl said...

Yeah, I gots the don't wannas.  I don't wanna comment on this entry, so I'm not gonna.