Thursday, January 6, 2005

Frozen somethings.

DISCLAIMER:  I am located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we have lots of rain and not much snow during the winter.  Its still cold as ... well its cold.  The pics here are of the Sandias (watermelon in espanol) with the most recent snow dusting.  The reason they call them Sandias is that in the evenings with our beautiful sunsets, a lot of times they glow red and look just like a fresh slice of watermelon.


So I don't have great stories about freezing hair....I'll improvise.  (Extra credit below...)

When my brother and I were young we watched the movie Christmas Story.  There's a scene in that movie where a little boy gets dared to stick his tongue to a flag pole in freezing cold weather.  Triple dog dared, even.  If you've never seen that movie, you remember the little boy's tongue gets stuck to the pole and he's left out there until the fire department comes and unsticks him.  Then he has a bandage on his tongue for a while that's just ridiculous. 

My brother has always been the experimenting type, and not to be outdone...of course he had to try it.  We had nothing frozen enough for him to experiment with, so he opened the freezer door and stuck his tongue to one of the metal shelves, and immediately began screaming like a stuck pig.

I rescued him, once I quit laughing.  I just poured warm water on his tongue and it released, but boy was that ever funny.  (HEE)


The only other improv I could think of has to do with frosty windshields.  A friend of mine was running late one morning, and thought maybe if she poured warm water on the windshield the ice would go away.

It was effective, because the whole windshield shattered into 9,000,000 pieces.  A little overkill, I guess.


We Albuquerqueans have no idea how to dealwith snowy white stuff and/or ice.  I admit that fully, freely and often.  The way I drive in snow is usually sideways or in a perpetual spinning motion, so I choose not to.

Extra Credit:  I have a general music type that I listen to in wintery weather:  classical.  I think its because the symphony I was in during high school always kicked in and performed during the winter months.  Anything Mozart is really fun, but I like some of the darker stuff as well.  Anything in the classical genre is really nice, and I always crave it when it's cold.

Then the mood passes and its back to that angry music I love so much.  Heh.

There's my little installment!  Happy Friday (almost!)


mosie1944 said...

My dad talked me into sticking my tongue onto a frozen pump, years before "Christmas Story" was ever dreamed of.  I was probably 7 years old, and I was angry with Daddy until my tongue recovered from the skin it lost.

jeff466 said...

You drive like I do in the snow!!!  Jeff

coy1234787 said...

    The photos are beautiful, no snow here in South Florida lately. I can say that the triple dog dare tong thing is not s big prank around here ... lol But we do listen to classical music ... winter or not.
                            *** Coy ***

springsnymph said...

Once, long before it was publicized via The Christmas Story, I stuck out my tongue and found it stuck fast to a metal cup I was trying to make a freezer ice-pop from.  Somehow I wrenched myself free and never told anyone in my family about my stupidity.  It really does work!

cneinhorn said...

brrrrrrrrrrrrr...great photos though!