Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Happiness is a choice and randomonium

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
     --Abraham Lincoln
Happiness depends upon ourselves.  --Aristotle

Ya know...I need to shake less or something.  My pics are always blurry.

There are a lot of angry, grumpy, depressed, mopey people out there.  Seems like I've been exposed to more than usual lately.  I've always felt that after all is said and done, happiness is a choice.  You define your mood and your outlook and whether your day will be horrible or wonderful.  You make the conscious decision to smile or frown, to be nice to others or rude and nasty. 

Don't get me wrong - I can be a very grumpy person, especially when people do stupid things, or when I'm overwhelmed or stressed.  I admit that.  I also understand that there are certain hormonal and/or chemical imbalances that can affect our moods and outlooks.  There are great medications for that, fortunately, and hormones usually only switch gears once every 28 days, thank goodness. 

I've just run across some people lately that seem to enjoy being sad, depressed or angry.  For many people, it seems as though they aren't satisfied unless they're miserable.  There always has to be some new illness or injury, or some drama in life.  Somehow there is a need for sympathy for something.  They hate their jobs, but yet they don't look for new ones.  They hate their situations, but they make no effort to change them.  They can't stand where they live, but they don't move.  They're sick or tired all the time, but they don't change their lifestyle or take better care of themselves. 

SIDENOTE:  this is about people I've run into lately.  My mother was like this.  The bank teller yesterday was snippy.  The woman I had to talk toin a municipality finance department was grouchy.  There's an older woman I know who's always got some new pain or illness.  My ex whatever he is and my ex husband are like this.  I have family members like this.  Nothing's ever good or right in the universe where they're concerned.  There are people in the world that you just want to grab them by both shoulders and shake them real hard while screaming "SNAP OUT OF IT."  This portion of my entry is for them.

I finally asked the extremely hateful bank teller ... "are you having a bad day?".  She softened and told me briefly about how her day had gone (not well) and was incredibly sweet after that.  Maybe we just need to show some compassion once in a while. 

Ultimately you are the catalyst.  You decide what you don't like about your life or yourself and you change what you can.  You make the decision to have a good outlook on life, the mood you're in today, the way you speak to and treat others.  You make the decisions.



On a similar, yet slightly different note.....ever notice how people behave completely different when they're operating a vehicle?  Here's an example:

Say you're waiting in line at the bank.  Do you move all the way to the front of the line and force your way in?  Then why do people do that in traffic?  NO CUTS.

Do you jump right in front of people as you're walking to the store?  Then why cut people off on the highway?

Do you walk up next to someone and flip them off?  Why would you do that when you're in a vehicle?

People get so bold and aggressive when they're in cars for some reason.  Its insane.  The laws of the playground still apply, even if you're driving.  Just saying.

Imagine if everyone was nice to everyone else for just one day.  Wouldn't that be bizarre?


My daughter Kayla loves strawberries.  I bought a large container of them for her this weekend, and they're already gone.  Last night, she was asking me to go get her some more, and for added leverage she says,

"Besides Mom, strawberries are good for your colon!" 

What on earth??  What are they teaching these children that all of the sudden my 8 year old is aware of the health and maintenance of her colon??

I don't think I even knew what a colon was until I took anatomy in mid school.  I'm impressed, yet a little concerned.


Final random note:  my wonderful beautiful daughter Emily turned 14 on Sunday (yes I feel old), and brought home another straight A report card.  I'm beaming I'm so proud of her.  I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter.  I try real hard to never take that for granted.  (love you Em!)

That's it for now.

Happy Tuesday!!


kuhlhiggins said...

Amen to this Kris. Happy Birthday Emily and it is great that you got straight A's.

cneinhorn said...

Happy Birthday Emily....I edited your photo for you since you asked me about it in the email...so look for the email and let me know what you thought!  :-)


martinsek5 said...

Yeah for Emily!  I can see why you would be beaming :-)  Pamela

jeff466 said...

I went through this same feeling about a month ago.  It didn't matter where I went-the store, the bank, etc, there was someone grumpy/rude/obnoxious.  I thought has this been going on for a long time and I'm just noticing it or did it happen overnight?

I am a firm believer of we are the catalyst like you said.  We can all get glad in the same pants we get mad in!  My parents always say that-couldn't resist.

Happy late birthday to Emily :)

http://pointclickjeff.blogspot.com/ Jeff

phlskygirl said...

   I'm glad you had compassion for the rude teller; I don't think I would have... it's been beat out of me by the assloads of rude people I've already come across.  About 175,423 of them, at last count.
   By the way, although I'm sure the photo-editing tips will come in handy, I enjoyed the beautiful flower photo in its original state!