Monday, January 10, 2005

@$#% Mondays, Random Randomness

Kayla's been begging to go to the "Dinosaur Museum" for forever (its one of her favorite places) so we went Saturday.  I think these are done by the same guy that does the painted horses, and I think they're adorable, even if the last pic didn't turn out well.

Aren't they cute?  This last one was the best one, but it came out fuzzy!!

I'm still working on the camera skills, obviously.


So ... I'm kinda bummed about Brad and Jen splitting up.  I imagine its similar to the feeling I had when Tom and Nicole split up.  You sort of rejoice when  Hollywood couples succeed, even if it isn't forever, because that's not normal.  They gave the normal canned reasons, that they parted as friends, they just weren't getting along...yada yada yada.  Its still kind of sad, anyway.


I think my teenaged daughter has trained her two psychotic cats to attack me when I wake her up in the morning.  When I knock to wake her up, they reach for my bare feet with claws bared from under her bedroom door.  I got smart though, and learned to lean forward, knocking from a distance.  This morning I wanted to check and make sure she was actually up (versus down) and moving around in a semi-coherent fashion before I trusted her telling me she was up.  I opened the bedroom door a crack, one cat grabs the door to pry it open, and the other attacks my ankle full boar - all four paws and teeth.. 

Next time I wake her up I'm bringing the squirt gun!


Its almost Girl Scout Cookie sale time.  Last year Kayla sold over 300 boxes, so this year will be interesting as well.  She's got her eye on a t-shirt they're giving away as a goal gift.  I'm sure she'll have no problems meeting that.  Last year I also shipped boxes of cookies all over the country, so if you want some e-mail me let me know.  They freeze well!!

SIDENOTE:  I learned the hard way last year that all of these cookies have traces of nuts, usually peanuts in them.  If you're allergic, don't order!  (I still feel bad about that Brooklyn someone I almost killed last year.  I swear I didn't know!)


Maybe I'll think of a better topic in a bit...that's all I have for now.  Randomness is my M.O.

Have a happy rest-of-your-Monday!!



phlskygirl said...

   1.  Jennifer Anniston called.  She says she's gonna be ok.  Brad called shortly thereafter, saying he had Jen's permission to ask me out.  They'll live.
   2.  Someone's cat's need to be euthanized, or at least have their teeth removed [euthanization would be cheaper].
   3.  The peanuts in the cookies... karma.  I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

kuhlhiggins said...

The Dinosaur museum sounds and looks cool. Wow attack kitties. I think it is time for the squirt gun to show them who is boss around