Thursday, January 6, 2005

One More...

I just read the Andrea Yates news on AOL.  What a strange twist of events.

I honestly believe that she's insane.  Obviously I'm not there and I don't know for sure, but according to news stories she talks to herself and has imaginary friends.  Its been discussed that perhaps this was spurred by post partum depression and an underlying mental illness.

I'm just surprised that TEXAS of all places threw the conviction out.  Isn't that a trip?

I don't think this is the same as that woman who drowned her kids in the car for a man.  What was her name?  The one who wanted to off her kids so she could be with some guy who didn't want children?  Anyway, I honestly believe this is different.  I think the woman is mentally ill. 

Obviously it was a horrific scene and justice should be served, I just think they need to really honestly evaluate her by a third party to see if she is mentally ill when this goes to trial again.  Seeing the pictures of those poor children...bless their little hearts.

Any thoughts?  (Or anyone who can tell me the name of that other woman)


I also got a phone call from a single man friend of mine whose neighbor went in for a court imposed drug test.  She was not only dirty (crack, apparently), she was in possession and they arrested her on the spot.  Meanwhile her 8 year old daughter was at home with her 4 MONTH old little brother, and they came wandering over to my friend's house when mom didn't come home.  That's how old my Kayla is.  Apparently Grandma's 79 years old and can't take care of the infant.  We were able to contact All Faiths Receiving Home and get the children some care.  Apparently they couldn't stay with me or my friend because you have to go through a lengthy acceptance process first, which is understandable, but frustrating nonetheless.

I can't imagine an addiction being so strong you'd forget to tell your arresting officer you have a young child and an infant alone at home.  Its beyond my level of understanding, and it broke my heart to see the little one so scared and unsure.  At least she's not alone at home anymore, and they're both safe.

Hug your kids tonite, if you've got them.  That's all I can say.


You realize that people have to get educated and earn the right to do a lot of things, like drive or build houses or teach others... maybe its time to require people to pass certain tests to be a parent.  Maybe we should require people to go to parenting classes, to be free of addiction, among other things, BEFORE we allow them to bring innocent beings into the world.  I know, I realize that would be a basic rights issue, but still.  You have to admit there are parents in this world that have no business being parents.  Its hard to watch.

There's my piece for today...stepping down from my little internet soap box for now.




SUSAN SMITH!!  (The name of the woman who drowned her kids so she could be with a man)  Thanks Miss Jersey Girl for jogging my memory. =)


coy1234787 said...

Great entry, so true.
*** Coy ***

cneinhorn said...

I can't think of the name of the other woman either, but my husband and I were recently discussing this, comparing her to Andrea Yates, and Andrea Yates was mentally ill....suffering deep psychosis, not rational....the other one, the one with the two boys (was her name Susan maybe?) anyway, she had motives and it was a totally different situation....she lied and tried to cover it up....Andrea never did.....she called 911 and her husband after she did it....I'm stunned that Texas of all states, is giving her  a new  trial, but I truly believe this woman is mentally insane and belongs in a hospital, not a jail cell.  

There, you asked for opinions, so here's mine.  


slowmotionlife said...

Honestly, I no longer believe it's a matter of whether these women are insane or not.  Every mother is under tremendous pressure.  But any mother -- in my opinion -- who would kill her children [rather than herself] shouldn't be allowed to walk around amongst society.  Jail and/or life in a mental institution seems justified, I think.  

donah42 said...

I think Andrea Yates was insane. I have always thought that her husband should bear a large portion of the blame. He had to know how unbalanced she was, yet left her in the situation of caring for all of those children. I think that was a tragedy that could've been averted.
Susan Smith was the other woman's name. I think she knew exactly what she was doing.

phlskygirl said...

Ok, day before yesterday, I had Oprah on as background/filler noise while I was putzing around the house cleaning.  I'm pretty sure it was a recap of the best of 2004.  I walked into the livingroom and they had on this little boy that was in a wheelchair, rendered immobile due to a rare type of M.S. that even hindered his breathing (I don't recall his name, and Oprah's website doesn't allow you to troll for back-episodes unless you join... eff her!).  He was an inspiring young man that, by his death at the age of 12, had published numerous books about poetry and inspiration, etc.  I truly believe he was meant to be born, despite what I'm about to type here, fyi...

Work with me here, this IS related to child abuse/neglect...  I remember hearing about it before, and thinking, "Wow,what a wonderful young man, to be so happy and uplifting despite the horrible and painful life he was born into."  And here's Oprah blubbering as his mother describes his last 2 weeks on earth, about how painful every breath he took was, and HOW SHE BEGGED HIM NOT TO DIE, TO HANG IN THERE FOR HER.  Way to go mom... not only don't let him die in peace, but make sure he feels guilty enough to try to hang on, which he did...and mom actually admitted she did it!

But wait, there's more.  Turns out that THIS WAS THEIR FOURTH CHILD TO DIE OF THE SAME "RARE" AND PAINFUL DISEASE.  Mom has some milder type of M.S. (also in a wheelchair), and it mutates into something uglier in her kids, and she spawned FOUR KIDS, knowing they'd all have short, horribly painful lives from the day they were born.  How many kids did she expect to crank out before she got a "good" one?  I can not be the only angry person that saw that show.  If THAT's not a reason to tie one's tubes against their will, I don't know what is.  Ok, I'm off the soapbox.  Thanks for skimming.

phlskygirl said...

P.S.  He had MD, not MS, and "his" name is Mattie Stepanek.  I finally found it; I felt guilty referring to him as "he" and "him".  Truly inspiring young man, despite  his mother.  Ugh.  Ok, I'm done.  Promise.

lolabc2002 said...

Really interesting journal entry.....(I feel like I'm calling in to a radio station...rofl)...I agree with Donah.  Andrea Yates husband was fully aware that she had a major chemical imbalance that worsened during and after pregnancy...was supposed to be on a consistent dose of Haldol....Haldol during pregnancy can cause birth defects, so of course she went off of it during gestation, yet he still wanted to have as many kids as he could. Contemptible, really. He was always gone, she was in charge of all of those children, and on top of that, she was caring for a parent who had Alzheimer's, I believe. Under "normal" circumstances, this would threaten to break most humans, yet she tried very hard to juggle all roles, plus battling a very serious mental affliction.

On the fence with this one, because I still feel that she needs to be responsible for her actions. However, her family was aware of her limitations and did nothing to make it easier for her, and although what she did was unfathomable, someone should've seen a tragedy of sorts in the making. I do not believe she was another Susan Smith, who did this to get attention in her twisted mind and to serve her own purposes....I believe she is honestly grieving. I do believe her husband is also grieving, but I do feel that they both shoulder the blame; as well as anyone else who saw the signs and felt that she could handle everything herself. Sigh. Such a damned tragedy, and no way to bring back those gorgeous kids. Makes you want to pat yourself on the back, if only with the knowledge that you will do anything you can to protect your children.

<hopping off my own soapbox> Great topic, Kris.

jennienscotty said...

Susan Smith.  That was that horrid woman's name.
In my opinion, they both deserve to  be executed.  I am a mother.  There is NO WAY I could hurt any kid, much less my own babies.  Crazy people who do that, and whether or not they are insane, they have proven that they are dangerous.  If you murder a child, you have given up your option to live.  Simple as that.