Thursday, January 20, 2005

Oscillococcinum & Psychopomps

I saw this on the Wild Oats sign today:  "Oscillococcinum $6.99".  Because I'm insane like that, I had to figure out what oscillococcinum was (and how to pronounce it!)

From Boiron's website:

Oscillococcinum® (O-SILL-O-COX-SEE-NUM) the number one flu medicine of France, is becoming increasingly popular in the United States.  This homeopathic medicine has been shown in clinical studies to decrease the duration and intensity of flu symptoms. 

According to, the name and formula are patented/held/marketed/owned by a company called Boiron.  "Oscillococcinum is an extract of duck heart and liver. It was introduced in the 1930’s by Dr Joseph Roy, who believed that it contained a bacterium, Oscillococcus, which caused influenza. Wild fowl have been shown to be a major reservoir of human influenza viruses."

OK, now that you think I'm completely insane, here's another fun one:

Psychopomps (picture & info from - I got this one in an e-mail.

A psychopomp is a god or goddess or spiritual being that is responsible for guiding souls of the dead to an afterlife or underworld.  Anubis is the Egyptian jackal-headed god responsible for that (pictured above), the Greeks had Hermes, and the Romans had Mercury. 

I just think "psychopomp" is a cool word that's fun to say.

Try it.  You know you want to.

Yep, I'm a weirdo!  (Hey, at least this one was educational!!)

Happy Thursday!

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slowmotionlife said...

I don't think you're weird.  I do stuff like this too.  I can't stand not knowing what something means.  LOL