Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Look who can play with Photoshop!!  I took out a telephone wire, two poles and some trees, and cropped the Walgreens out of the photo.  Wheee!  By the way, that would be a yucca, which is the state flower.  Obviously its not blooming, but there ya go.


I just found out that my best friend is now officially engaged, and she's gonna have a real wedding, and I get to be the maid of honor!!  I'm so psyched!!  Here's to doing it right the second time around, Le!  (Oh, and congratulations too!)  And Carlito....its about darn time.

I have to admit when I first met her guy, I thought he wasn't good enough for her.  However, I've since realized that since I'll be this way with my daughters I might as well come clean and say that no one will ever be good enough for her.  Mr. Man is really good with her daughter, and he's good to her, so I need to hush.  She's happy and that's exactly what I want for her.  (Love you!!) 


There we are before the banquet Monday day when I get brave, (or bored) I'll post pics of how far I've come weight wise.  I'm getting there!!  (SIDENOTE:  I had to take my shoes off to be almost the same height) Thank you Miss Aileen for sharpening for me - apparently my daughter has inherited my photography skills.


Ever wish you had powers like I Dream of Genie?  I've found myself wishing for that often lately.  I think I'd blink my friends to health and happiness, blink some new furniture, some new clothes (some that fit would be nice!) for me and the kiddos, a new furnace and refrigerator...blink my financial problems away...maybe I'd blink the troops home, blink an end to world hunger, blink a cure for AIDS....

I wonder if Genie was that powerful, and if so why she never did?  Obviously it was a long time ago, and she was totally controlled by her man....but then why didn't HE wish for that stuff?  It sure made a cool sound..."BOING!"

My latest blink fantasy was to fly Jetson's style over all the evening traffic.  Not very profound, obviously.  Simple mind, ya know.


One more final older daughter has a friend whose mother completely controls her life, and lives through her daughter.  This woman won't let her daughter dress in anything but oversized jerseys and huge basketball uniform type shorts.  We tried giving her some blue jeans once, but Mom told her she was too fat to wear them.  Any time this child has a problem (behavioral or otherwise) in class, the mom comes storming into the office or the teacher's classroom to scream at said teacher or the principal.  This has happened for years.  So much so that teachers are afraid to reprimand this child, or offer her any guidance. 

This mother also gets involved in her child's personal relationships.  Last summer she felt my daughter wasn't returning phone calls fast enough, so she is no longer allowed to associate with my daughter or spend the night at our house.  Once, we curled her hair.  We never heard the end of that one.  The girl can sing too.  Not just your normal cute karaoke sing, this girl can SING.  I made that compliment to her mother, and the response was, 'I think she sounds horrible - she's too nasal.'  Recently the child told her mother that she didn't like a girl at school.  Now the mother shows up and intimidates this girl at school, calling her names and standing in her way so she can't get to class. 

Given, there are times when I want to jump in and save the day for my kids, but I have to take a step back and realize there are lessons they need to learn.  There are unfortunate, difficult things they have to experience in order to learn and grow.  If I jump in and try to fix everything, they'll never learn how to fix anything themselves.  I'm learning how to stifle and bite my tongue when I need to, and kind of wait for Em to ask for help now that she's older. 

So the harassed girl is also a friend of my daughter, and came to her asking for advice.  Em told me about it today in the car.  My advice?  TELL.  Tell your mom, tell your counselor, tell your teacher.  Yeah, you're a rat but this is a parent that's harassing you.  That's different than a kid picking on you in the hallway.  This 40 year old woman is following the girl around, intimidating her at school.  Any thoughts?


Weird statement I came across while surfing: 

Kryptonite is to Superman what asbestos is to worms.



OK enough of that...I'm out of here.  Nite!!


kuhlhiggins said...

Great pictures Kris. Sorry to hear that your daughters friend mother is such a pain. I too wish I could blink and fly Jetson style over the traffic. If you find out how let me know lol. Have a great Wednesday nite.

martinsek5 said...

That mother sounds like a pscyho and I would avoid her at all costs.  There would be no reasoning with someone like her.  Love the picture :-) Pamela

jeff466 said...

I can't believe that girls mother is doing that!  I'm with you, the harrassed girl should TELL, that's creepy-brings back memories of that Texas cheerleading mom that tried to hire someone to off another girl in the team so her daughter could win the cheerleading spot.

Great picture editing!  

I wished I would have had your macaroni/sneeze advice about 2 months ago!  Jeff

gabreaelinfo said...

I really like your sunset pic below. Great colors! If you are interested in fitness/metaphysical things check out my journal at:


phlskygirl said...

1) I'm so glad you posted the photo!  Love it!  And you rock with Photoshop... I never had it long enough to fiddle with it like that... I'd have totally assumed that background was legit!
B) Congrats to your friend on her engagement!
iii) Where the HECK has the rest of the planet been while this grown woman has been harrassing a child?  I hope someone intervenes before it's too late for her daughter.  I SWEAR spawning without a license should be illegal...

phlskygirl said...

P.S.  I about shit my drawers while posting that last comment - I heard a noise like someone was stumbling in my tub (I live alone, as you know).  I almost knocked the keyboard off the table, and left the computer room wielding my wine glass (or rather, wine cooler glass) as a weapon.  I'd have killed them with bad taste, for sure.  Turns out all it was was the little suction-cup thingee that holds my toothpaste and toothbrush, but holy CRAP, what a scare!
   And it turns out my latest Stitch looks like a scary little bastard when the lights aren't on!  Damn it!

shedtheshellnow said...

I love your journal  It's funny, witty, and a nice slice of life!  And yes, sometimes I think it would be wonderful to have powers like I Dream of Jeanie! :-)