Sunday, January 2, 2005


I'm being punished.  We bathed both little dogs this afternoon - it had been way too long.  Anyway, both of them aren't speaking to me right now.

They'll forgive me later.



kuhlhiggins said...

Higgins my cat gets the same way when I put a new flea collar on him. lol.

slowmotionlife said...

Awww... they look so pitiful!!  LOL  But they're forgiving animals... they'll have forgotten about it before their fur dries.  No worries.  :P

jeff466 said...

I found your link on and dropped in for a visit and thought I would say hello.  I'm a neighbor in the Texas panhandle.

I have 2 dachsunds and after their baths they won't speak to me for about an hour!  

I loved your pets resolutions!  I didn't get a chance to do that assignment, but I know my pets resolutions that they would have for me would be for me to buy them an endless supply of squeeky toys (that last about 5 minutes before they rip the squeeker out!).

It rained and drizzled all weekend here too and I loved it!  Your dragon picture is really nice, I hope you can fix the drip spot.  Jeff