Friday, February 18, 2005

Asthma sucks rocks & random purge

This pic's recycled...but considering the circumstances, kinda just have to deal with it for right now.

Due to the new anti-truancy laws here in NM, kids are going to school sick.  I understand what they're trying to do, and that's wonderful, but the end result is that more people get sick more often.  Kids are only allowed to miss 8 days of school per school year.  Total.  So, instead of getting fined or getting nastygrams from the truancy squad, parents send their kids to school with fevers and colds.  Now we're all sick.  Again.  Kayla's teachers are sick.  Again.

The kids and I have developed horrid chest colds/flu things, and for an asthmatic that can be scary as heck.  So I've been married to the nebulizer for a few days, and it looks like he'll be my pal for a few days more.  Breathing is good.  Albuterol ROCKS.  Oxygen is wonderful. 

I'm such a big baby when I'm sick (especially when I can't breathe)!

So...I'll leave y'all with the quote of the day.  I've got several gems I've been sitting on for mind block days (or lack of oxygen and therefore creativity days).  This ones from Mama Gena.  Mama Gena rocks.


It takes way more responsibility to enjoy your life than to complain about it.


....let it sink in....

There's the amongst yourselves...I can think of sooooo many people (including me sometimes!) that need to read that quote, memorize it...shoot - let it become your mantra. 

Life is so good, so sweet, so precious.  I say that as I enjoy and embrace each breath I'm able to take.  Again, air is good.

Have a wonderful Friday!!

MUAH! (on the cheek so you don't catch it)


kuhlhiggins said...

I hope that you and your kids start feeling better soon. Everyone has been sick here too.

shedtheshellnow said...

I hope you feel better!  That flu bug is the absolute worst.  I know just how you feel! Please hang in there! :-)

And I love that quote! :-)  Thanks!