Friday, February 11, 2005

Chupacabra? UPDATED

Slow News Day in Albuquerque New Mexico...

A local news station is reporting on a creature found here on our west mesa that authorities are having trouble identifying.  I admit, when I heard the teaser for this, I did a rather exaggerated eyeroll...but I watched the story this morning and changed my mind (the video can be found on that link as well).

Louie (as well as most people of Spanish decent when they saw this) thinks its a "chupacabra" - a creature many say really exists and kills goats, sheep and chickens.  Also known as the 'goat sucker', this creature apparently leaves its victims with three puncture wounds, completely drained of blood.  Most of the sightings have been in Central America and Puerto Rico, but they've also been reported in Australia, Southern California and (guess where) TEXAS.

So here it is (courtesy of

Its kind of hard to tell from that pic (the video's kinda freaky!), but it has squishy-looking lips, a long tail, and a what looks to be a horn on its head.  Authorities are having a difficult time figuring out what it is and where it came from, but they're hypothesizing it was a sea creature.  Under a small amount of sand on the west mesa...I guess anything's possible.

We are in New Mexico after all....maybe its an alien!  (oooooh)

Anyone seen one of these?  Any guesses as to what it might be?  Be creative!

Only in New Mexico, I swear....


UPDATE:  The creature appears to be a skate (similar to a stingray) that someone carved up and tossed after cutting the wings off to eat.  Yum.  Just thought I'd let you know...


kuhlhiggins said...

OMG that is scary. I don't like things like that.

pollysci said...

Found in Texas?  I think I dated that guy... ;)