Friday, February 25, 2005

Eating Crow & A Louie Tribute

That's about how the week has looked over here.  Rain, rain, rain, wind and oh by the way, some rain.  Its ok - Albuquerque has been transformed into a greener version of itself and it is kind of refreshing.

Ever had to eat crow?  I have.  I have so often that I now know its better with a dash of humility and a side of sincerity. It has become easier to swallow with practice - maybe its an acquired taste. 

As many of my friends know, I had to attend a seminar in Phoenix with my boss and another senior management member this week, and I've been griping about it since December when I was told we were going.  I don't like touchy feely things, and I don't like the team building things, and I really don't like having to stand up and talk in front of people.  I thought it was one of those seminars.  My attitude about the whole thing stunk.  I was griping about having to fill out the questionaire, whining about how the day would last from 3:45 AM to after 8:30 PM, complaining about how difficult it would be to be productive the next day....basically, my attitude stunk.  Yes, Little Miss Happy Pants was a bad girl all this week, and a little bit last week too.  The negativity I had about attending the 'stupid seminar' had spread to everyone I work around.  grr.

I woke up at 3:45 AM, got to the airport on time and brought my attitude with me.  My boss blew me off.  He just kept telling me it would enrich and enhance my relationships and give me insight on myself.  Keep in mind, the attitude he was getting from my co-worker was equally yucky.  He just let it roll off, which was even more irritating.  We arrived in Phoenix and got to the seminar location, attitudes in tow.  Grumble, grumble, grouch. 

Fast forward to the day's end.  I learned more about myself, my personality and my leadership style than I ever knew before.  I got an analysis of myself that was dead on, based on the answers I provided to 25 simple questions (remember griping about the questionnaire?).  I learned why we makesuch an excellent team and how to better and more effectively communicate and deal with the guys I work with.  I left enlightened and enriched and insightful.  Darnit!!

We had a two hour wait before the flight boarded so we headed out to have a drink.  So, as we're all sitting in the bar talking about how powerful this seminar was, I turned to my boss and apologized.  I ate a huge amount of crow.  (At least I had a few wine spritzers to wash it down!)  I told him he was right, and I should never have been so ridiculous and I should have trusted his judgement.  I let him "I told you so" me for about 5 minutes.  It needed to be done.



Out of the purple:

Why is it that Diet Coke with ice tastes different anywhere outside of New Mexico?!?  I drank a Diet Coke in Phoenix and it tasted bleachy, or more soda-ey, or something.  In New Orleans it was the same thing - bleachy, soda-ey Diet Coke.  Why is that????  Diet Coke's perfection should be standardized world-wide.  Just sayin'.


The caption for this one should be "enough with the camera already!"

Tomorrow is a huge day for me.  Louie and I are celebrating our (somewhat reinstated) anniversary.  This year its a little more symbolic than most, because I have a new ring on my finger, because we've decided we're worth it, and because we've decided we're better off together.  We've been together off and on for 11 years this summer, and we've been married 6 years tomorrow.  Given, our relationship has been interesting, challenging, and even rocky at times.  We've had a lot to go through and experience, but no matter what happens we always end up at the same place - together.

There are so many beautiful wonderful things about this man .  He's always here for me, he'd do literally anything for me, and he's a great dad.  He's a short order cook, nurse, mechanic, painter, carpenter, janitor, roofer, repair guy who's not afraid to get dirty or break a sweat.  He can operate large pieces of machinery, ride a motorcycle, or ride a bike around the neighborhood with Kayla in the kiddie seat.  He can color, put puzzles together, fix broken toys, mend torn clothes and fences, iron and sew.  He can be the toughest man I've ever known, and hold me and cry with me when I'm hurting.  He can make everything better with just a few softly spoken words or a hug and a kiss.  He's amazing.

So, here's a tribute to my Louie.  Thanks for giving us another chance, thanks for believing in me, and thanks for putting up with all my stuff. 

Te amo mucho, Cito.


donah42 said...

I give you credit for eating crow---that's one of the hardest things to do!
And I love your tribute to your man! Hope he reads it! Happy Anniversary!

phlskygirl said...

   Happy re-anniversary to you and Louie, hermana!
   Seven or eight years ago I allowed myself to get talked into a touchy-feely seminar thingee (I finally caved because it got me out of work for a day, and meals were included).  The best speaker of the evening - a motivational speaker - paused a lot during his portion of the seminar.  
   I thought he was just the type of person that needed to form his thoughts into words (like me), and it just added to his credibility that he seems unrehearsed, and natural.  He was the type of person that made you look around yourself and see things in a new light, half-empy cup vs. half-full, etc.  
   At the end of his words of wisdom, he apologized for all the pauses, and hoped we'd not found it too distracting.  Turns out his father had died unexpectedly the week before, and he'd attended the funeral two days earlier.  You'd never have known; that day was all about US, not him.  He was AMAZING.  I'd tell you how it affected everyone else at the event, but I was too busy wiping my eyes and blowing my nose to notice.  
   Even before his announcement, I knew I'd been enriched by his words (corny, I know), and if I ever get the opportunity for another "touchy-feely" event like that, I'll take it in a heartbeat.  I'm glad you got an opportunity to eat crow; I'm sure it was well worth it... it certainly was for me.

Blech... back to being a putz - I sure like how you cleaned up your wine spritzer story!  Wheeee!


kuhlhiggins said...

I hope you both had a wonderful re aniversary. Your seminar sounds like it was well worth going.

cneinhorn said...

Happy Anniversary!   And good for you for eating crow...a hard thing to do!