Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Happy Birthday Kayla!!

   Because I don't talk about my kids enough (pfft!)....     


 As I'm sure many people do,  I have kids that are polar opposites of each other.  Yeah they're alike in many ways, but they're more different than alike.  Emily's my bookworm - she yells like Frau on Austin Powers, she's very intense, is a straight A student, is convinced she's marrying the guy who plays Harry Potter, wants to live in England someday, loves angry chick music, and must be in complete control at all times.  Kayla, on the other hand....Kayla's 8 years old today (actually not yet - at about 11:45PM she will be), and she's such a little joy I wanted to share a bit about her.   


 We thought she was going to be a boy.  We were almost positive, based on odds (we both had girls already) and ultrasounds, plus I carried her differently...you know the drill.  Anyway surprise surprise, another girl, and it seems as though I had her for her daddy.  From the moment she was born those two had a bond I can't define in words.  Suffice it to say she is the definition of a daddy's girl.  She walks like him, talks like him, and even has the same food preferences he does (I won't take you there, thank me later).  He wanted to be the one holding her, feeding her, changing her, rocking her to sleep, and that was completely foreign to me, considering Emily's dad would gag at the mere thought of a dirty diaper, and wasn't around much when she was an infant.  He sang her little songs (kayla hace mimis...kayla cierra ojos), put little ribbons in her hair, spoke to her in Spanish...she was his.   

She taught me more Spanish than I ever learned in a classroom - she spoke it before she spoke English.  One of my fondest memories is hearing her say 'guacala! guacala! guacala!' from the back seat on the way to the sitter's in the morning.  I had to ask for a translation.  (It means gross - what a great word!)  

 Danger is this child's middle name.  Emily (knocking on wood) never had anything severe happen to her in childhood.  No  injuries requiring stitches, no severe illnesses... Kayla is a different story.  She had a febrile seizure on her first Christmas, and I've never been so terrified in all my life.  I still remember trembling on the phone while Louie held her praying "not this one, Jesus Lord please, not this one."  She fell and hit the wood burning stove at the sitter's, splitting her head open to her skull.  She had a urinary tract disorder, causing her to be prone to infection.  She's already fallen off the horse once....Hopefully that'll be the end of the list.  

I've said before (well actually I think Aileen did via comment c & p) that I love watching her sleep - she's got beautiful angel kissed cheeks and little cherub bow lips with long eyelashes I wish she'd inherited from me...she looks so beautiful and sweet.  I'm guilty of that mom thing - checking to make sure they're breathing during the night - please tell me someone else does that too.      


 She is a wonderful little girl, a brilliant artist (yes, already) with an intense love of animals (especially horses!), and the most hilarious sense of humor. She's still little enough to snuggle with, and she gives the best neck hugs in the whole world.  She's intense and funny, smart and goofy, and a pure joy to have around.   

(even if she is spoiled rotten - and I take half the blame for that)  

Happy birthday, Kaylita. 




kuhlhiggins said...

Happy Birthday Kaylita. She sounds like a very special little girl.

ooobieooooh said...

Maybe a certain BRAT will remember when my birthday is and it isn't September.
Your's is June 16th.

cneinhorn said...

how nice to read a little about your girls and see photos!  they are beautiful!  my girls are 13 years apart and polar opposites too!  funny how it happens that way, huh?


judithheartsong said...

awwww.... happy birthday kiddo!! judi