Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone got what they wanted and/or deserved on Valentine's Day, whether it was a handwritten note, a sweet phone call, dinner & a movie, a 10K diamond ring, or nothing at all. 

          ~*~ Happy Valentine's Day!! ~*~



This year as a result of trimmed deadwood, I'm saving about $250 between V-day and an end-of January birthday.  Go me.  (Always looking on the bright side...!!)


pollysci said...

For a bitter single girl, I did pretty, candy and a pizza--not too shabby!  I've gotta be bitter more often! ;D

I hope you had a great Valentine's!
~tara :)

cneinhorn said...

Happy Valentine's Day!


phlskygirl said...

^5's to trimmed deadwood (although that description seems a bit generous)!  I hope you had a lovely V-day too.

emenemz said...

Hi mommy!!!
mine sucked but I hope yours didn't!!

cneinhorn said...

happy belated V day to you!!  we just exchanged cards this year before Vday because he wouldn't be home on the holiday was good though...hope yours was nice too :-)