Thursday, February 10, 2005

Nightmare Carryforward & Stuff n Things

I woke up this morning convinced I had an exam today.  Panic ensued.  I haven't studied for the exam, I'm still not entirely confident about the material (consolidations and mergers - ugh) and well I have test anxiety even when I'm well prepared. 

Blurry-eyed (who isn't at 5:30AM?!?), I ran for the bookbag and scrambled to find my little academic calendar where I write stuff down. I vaguely remembered him saying something about postponing the exam one day, and I can't remember which day he postponed it to.  The object of the writing stuff down in your calender game is to write things down so this doesn't happen.  I flip open to February 10th.  Nothing's written down.  Eeeek! 

I find the syllabus - says "EXAM 1 - 2/10"

....keep in mind I haven't had any caffeine as of yet, and I'm standing there in my long t-shirt and socks, calendar in hand, bed head, practically panting.... 

                      *~*~*~*jeopardy theme song*~*~*~*

32 oz of coffee and many points of increased blood pressure later...I smack myself hard right in the middle of my forehead.


No exam?




Sunday, Kayla (aka "Danger") decided for some unknown reason that she was going to try to pull an attached chain off the fence while on her bike.  This resulted in the hook end of the chain embedded in the soft fleshy part between her thumb and first finger.

Mamacita doesn't do blood well.  I do the best I can, but its really difficult for me.  We cleaned it and wrapped it as best we could, and (long story short) she's fine - they just butterflied it closed until it heals.

You always hear about parents' ability to "find it when they need it" - the stomach to treat severe cuts and bleeding, the wherewithall to keep it together and remember basic CPR or how to dial 911 in an emergency, or rare cases when you hear about those parents who can lift cars when their babies are inside. 

I've often wondered where that comes from.  How is it I can't deal with a cut on my own foot, but I can find it to provide care for my kids?  How is it that I completely panic and totally freak out when I have a severe asthma attack, but I can calmly speak to a 911 operator when my baby's not breathing?

How bizarre, how bizarre.


I'm a worrywart by nature.  I think its in the job description.  Today I've decided I need a break from my worrywart position.  I'm putting in for a vacation.  After my exam next Tuesday (hee.) I'm going to not worry about anything for a whole day.  Not about kids, work, school, finances, my friends...nada.

I'll let you know how that works out.  (pfft! as if!)


Happy Thursday!



kuhlhiggins said...

I was sweating for you here. So glad you have no exam today. Glad you are going to take a day for yourself after your exam. You deserve it.

phlskygirl said...

I'm glad Kayla's doing well, and glad you didn't have to go to the ER after all (the attending physician would have probably ended up looking more like George Jefferson than George Clooney, anyway).