Friday, February 11, 2005

Weekend Assignment

I just had to do this weekend's assignment...ahhh, memories!

Weekend Assignment #47: Reveal Your Teenage Celebrity Crush! Oh, come on. We all had one. Share yours, and tell us why that particularly celebrity tripped your teenage trigger.

Extra Credit: Tell us: Do you still have a little teeny bit of a crush on that celebrity? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Two words:  Andrew McCarthy

.....pitter patter!!.....

That boyish smile, the gorgeous eyes, the adorable laugh, even his facial expressions....swoon!!!   I first saw him in Pretty in Pink (1986).  I saw that movie with my best friend and we just loved it, and him.  Well, okay, maybe I'm the only one that loved him. 

Extra Credit:  Yes, he still does it for me....I watch that movie today and still get the pitter patters - he was just so cute!!  Maybe that was the early stages of my nerdy guy fetish, because Jon Stewart has similar characteristics (boyish smile, great eyes, intelligence)....who knows. 

Where is he now?  Well I googled him and apparently he's being very picky about the work he does nowadays.  He's married (gasp! how DARE he) with a little boy and they're living happily ever after. 

He still has that adorable sweet yummy little crooked smile .....


kuhlhiggins said...

He still looks good doesn't he. lol

slowmotionlife said...

Oh, he was a cutie!  Still is.  I had so many celebrity crushes that it would have been hard for me to do this assignment.  My sisters and I had our walls PLASTERED with posters from Teen Beat and Seventeen.  I'm pretty sure we had a new crush every week.  LOL  Wil Wheaton, River Pheonix, Corey Feldman, Tom Cruise, The New Kids on the Block.  Some of them are embarrassing, some of them still get my blood boiling.  Anyway.. thanks for the trip down memory lane!  :D

pollysci said...

oooh, LUVED him!

One of my favorite movie quotes of all-time is:

"You said you couldn't be with someone who didn't believe in you. I believed in you....jusst didn't believe in me. I love you. always." (gush)

~tara :)

phlskygirl said...

How DARE you compare that cutesy man-boy Andrew McCarthy to Jon Stewart!!
Oh, wait.  This is your journal, not mine... whoopsy...

emenemz said...

All I can say is....EWWWW!!!!That guy is soo gross!!Mommy me and you deffinatley are different when it comes to guys!!!
*shivers*so very very gross!!!!

cneinhorn said...

eh, but who am I to talk for me it was Peter Brady! LOL