Friday, February 18, 2005

When Pets Attack!!

Toby the Pony is a rescue horse we adopted about three years ago.  This pic of him was taken a few days after we got him.  He loves to be on the porch, and he'd really like to be in the house but I won't let him.  He and I used to have a ritual where he'd join me on the porch for Saturday morning coffee...he's just a brat.  Toby has been a wonderful horse - he's so sweet to Kayla, so full of character, and he's just a great pet.

Anyway, Toby likes to sneak up and launch things.  Cats are his favorite.  He comes up behind them, as stealth-like as a horse can be, sticks his muzzle underneath the two back legs and, well...launches them.  You'd think the strays would smarten up and stop coming around Toby, but that hasn't happened, and the flying lessons continue.

Well, Toby also thought it would be funny to launch Mom (that would be me), and has done it on several occasions.  Anytime I bend over to do anything near him I'm fair game.  He's a fresh horse, because he's also bitten my butt on several occasions.  I've never owned a horse before, but I grew up around horses, and I've never known any horse to do this.  (Horse people please correct me if I'm wrong.)  He doesn't do this to the kids or to Louie, but he does it to me, the cats and the dogs.  Of course, everyone thinks this is quite hilarious.

So there you have it - Toby the butt launching cheek nipping horse.

Extra credit:  I've seen way too many cats walk into sliding glass doors to mention, but what I find so funny is that they either a) get mad at you for witnessing it or b) walk away like "I meant to do that".


kuhlhiggins said...

LOL Kris. That is funny.

phlskygirl said...

Holy crap, how hysterical!  To think... you are considered bootylishus by TWO DIFFERENCE SPECIES!!  You lucky wench!!

mutualaide said...

Very funny!  I wonder, could Toby be part goat?  LOL!

pollysci said...

Kristeena, I'm literally laughing out loud.  Launching cats.  DYIN' here. :D
~tara :)

cneinhorn said...

oh my! that's some story!


realitycheckmco said...

Oh my god! That is hysterical! I never had a horse that we could allow to roam free.. It's like Mr Ed lives with you!

shedtheshellnow said...

Toby is absolutely adorable!  And what a hoot!  So much personality.  I laughed so hard!  Thanks for sharing Toby with us! :-)