Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Chevy on a Stick

"Chevy on a Stick" 

(Thanks Annie for the great name suggestion!)

There's actually a vehicle under there.  Tiled, even.

There used to be a tiled Lazy Boy too, but I couldn't find it.  I'll keep looking - I know its in that vicinity somewhere.

Again, interpretations welcomed.....


phlskygirl said...

   Oooh, I know!  The city had a $500,000 grant to give to someone to infuse some "modern art" into Albuquerque [yes, I rolled my eyes as I typed "art"], and one of the city officials had a brother who could score some really cheap tile from Mexico (plus, the official himself owned a landfill where people were illegally dumping cars), and voila! -- the city found an artist!  
   Am I close?  

mikethedawg said...

Corny is as Corny does...
My interpretation...hold's gonna get DEEP:
This is an alter...a passage way into time. This monument glorifies life after Chevys, or Buicks, or Fords etc...
What would we be without those men who thought "this can be done" and did it.
Today we take our vehicles for granted...we complain about the price of gas (who wouldn't) but seriously...if I had to walk 60 miles to my job in the Indiana snow...FO GET IT!
That's it...that's my stuff...great philosopher that I am. Whew. Nap time.

unasings said...

I believe this pic could also be named

"Never Drink and Drive" or
"Dude, Where's my car?"