Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday Rambling

I have a little collection of hand blown glass globes and other miscellaneous shapes.  I took some shots of one of them and - voila!  I think it looks pretty cool.  My daughters still think I'm insane - taking pics of dorky things. 

At least I have a new hobby, right?


I can't do this weekend's assignment because Scalzi totally stole mine.  (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)  It entails describing a piece of artwork that "spoke to you" or changed your life somehow. 

I really don't have any other art pieces (that weren't mine) that spoke to me like the Van Gogh did...although lots of Judi's are utterly amazing, and admittedly do come very close.  There are many times when I look at her work and it seems like I can feel the place her heart was at the time.  Crazy stuff, I know. 



I think the bullying issue is FINALLY being addressed, after leaving six voicemails for three different people and threatening to either show up at the school and cause a scene or pull my daughter out.  Jeez you'd think these administrator/counselor type people would want these issues resolved quickly. 

What bugs me is that part of this argument stems from a boy.  A boy who likes my daughter and not one of the girls involved.  Reminds me of the gargantuan heathen monster called Daphne who wanted to pummel me in middle school because I was "too pretty".  Daphne was tall too, but she was as wide as she was tall, and had huge hairy arms and one big eyebrow.  Trying to reason with someone like that was impossible.  I've never understood that reasoning however.  He likes you and not me, so I'm gonna beat you up. 

Alrighty then.

Anyway, it seems as though the administration is siding with my daughter, and steps are being taken to remove these little monsters from her mid-school world.  They'll have different lunches, different classes, and hopefully they'll be able to get a life.  Honestly it really wouldn't be so bad if the girl wasn't carrying a knife to school regularly, and if the girl's mother wasn't so volitile. 

I'm so proud of my daughter (aren't I always??) for handling everything so maturely.  She's always been taught that defending herself is necessary, but violence never solves anything.  She took the proper channels and maintained her dignity.  For those reasons, she finally won in the end.

HA!  Taking the high road is a good thing.  (This also means she actually sort of listens to her mom.  Whoa!)


Its a lover-ly day ...

...and its Friday. 




kuhlhiggins said...

I am glad that the administration is siding with your daughter. That is scary that the other girl is carrying a knife to school. Don't they have rules about stuff like that there? lol. Here if someone had a knife at school they would have the person arrested.

judithheartsong said...

Oh, blessings to your daughter. It it sometimes harder to keep to the high road.... but I am proud of her!!!
p.s. I am most honored that you like my paintings:):) judi

mikethedawg said...

Whoa...carries a knife to school. Jeez oh peats. Sometimes I just don't get it.
I had a girl in highschool who wanted to beat me up because of a boy. For real. I let her have him...he wasn't all that. Don't think he wanted her though, she was big and scarey. Later she started being nice to me...never understood that?

I still can't get over the knife in school thing. Don't they have metal detectors?
I thought we were way beyond many school shootings does it take?

Good job though mom! Way to step in and take care of your daughter!!

boiseladie said...

Love the colors and texture in this photo... beautiful.