Friday, March 4, 2005

I've Fallen and I Can't Get UP

This is why we settle for making $1 an hour here.  Well, one of the reasons. 


I have completely fallen off the wagon this week, both diet- and exercise-wise.  I have excuses prepared.  Ready?

1.     My daughter Kayla is a Girl Scout and her cookie orders arrived last Saturday.  10 boxes, and between 4 of us they're gone.  I'm glad they're gone.  No more frozen Thin Mints for me.  (two boxes in 5 days isn't bad, right?  ack!)  Like no one out there goes crazy with Girl Scout cookies.  Please.  They're GIRL SCOUT COOKIES.

2.    Our concrete supplier brought in a box of Krispy Kremes.  I've never had one before, and I'll never have one again (urp!).  I couldn't be rude, right?  After all, its Salesman (person?) day.  Shaddap.

3.    I'm hormonal.  I LOVE that excuse and I use it often for various reasons and situations.  (yeah girls, I gave away our secret).

4.    I was out of gum.  OK so that's not my best one.  I'm working on it.

5.   I'm under a lot of stress/don't have a lot of time/feeling overwhelmed.  OK that one sucks too. 

I also haven't been to the gym because:  the weather's bad and my knees are aching, my asthma's still not 100% improved, and I'm tired.  Ok those stink too.  My knees always ache when its cold and wet, my asthma's NEVER at 100% and I'd have a ton more energy if I were working out.

I know.  I KNOW!!! 

I'm working on a personal attitude adjustment/kick in the butt.  Anyone wanting to pitch in is officially invited.

Has anyone else out there ditched their New Year's Resolutions or are you all angelic?  Spill - I wanna hear it.

....I only ditched mine for a week.  So there.


lamove04 said...

Your journal makes me remember the good things I liked about Albuquerque and NM... one of the few places in the country I've visited, because a good friend lived there for several years.  Loved the Kimo theater entry... I saw this big Drag/AIDS benefit at a theater in Alb. but I think it was at another theater. It was on a large boulevard, that's all I remember.... --Albert

kuhlhiggins said...

Everyone including me has weeks like that. Some weeks are worse than others because of different situations that we are in. It is ok. Don't beat yourself up over it. There is always next week. lol that is what I tell myself.

phlskygirl said...

Asthma is never EVER a lame excuse for ANYTHING - it's to blame for my fashion sense and cosmetics addiction, as well as all the booze in my fridge.  And as far as 2 boxes of g.s. cookies in 5 days... we all know there are only like, 7 cookies in each box, so you actually did pretty darn good!  (I can't believe you've never had a Krispy Kreme before!)

jeff466 said...

You had me at GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!  I needed no other excuses and completely understood ;)

Hope you have a great week-Jeff

lorileeboard said...

Betrayed, betrayed I tell ya! Giving away our dirty little secrets about being hormonal.  I just hope my husband doesn't read this! ;-)  LOVE reading your stuff.  Very down to earth and funny, like me (I think).  Thanks for posting.