Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Ice Cream Man

All winter long, we've had a bizarre ice cream man problem in our neighborhood and I finally found out why.  Ice cream dude would pick the coldest of cold winter evenings to come down our street, blaring that annoying ice cream truck song.  (I think the most annoying thing about it is the Doplar Effect it has as it heads down the street.) 

I could not figure out: 1) why we were hearing an ice cream man in the dead of winter (isn't that a summer thing?) and 2) why he was coming when it was almost dark. 

Seems Mr. Ice Cream Man was selling more than frosty treats from his truck.  Mr. Ice Cream Man was also selling heroin, crack and pot from his truck.  What an entrepreneur.

I never let my kids buy from the ice cream truck anyway, because the last time they did, the popsicles looked old and smarmy and melty.  It grossed me out, so now I buy them their own frozen treats.  Yanno, thank goodness I didn't.  Who knows what could have happened with a drug deal gone bad while my babies were out there buying ice cream.  (Not that I'd have let them after dark anyway.)

Turns out Mr. Ice Cream Man was part of a drug ring, also selling from a store called Kandyland.  Shortly after, police busted another distributor - one who was selling to kids out of a comic book store.


We've also had an ice cream truck come down the street my office is on.  Keep in mind this is an industrial/commercial area.  I can't imagine people in offices dropping everying and screaming "ICE CREAM MAN!!" and running out into the street.  I just wonder - maybe we won't see that ice cream truck anymore, either.

It makes me a little sad.  Seems like there's nothing safe for the kids anymore - these jerks will do anything.

GRR! (rant complete)


I'm a worryer, so I always tend to prepare for the worst.  It's much nicer to be pleasantly surprised.  In that regard, I was prepared for a horrible grade on an accounting exam, and I ended up with an A.  I actually giggled like a little girl when I got the test back.

(what a dork, no?)


I'm outta here - have a wonderful Wednesday!!


kuhlhiggins said...

We have an ice cream man here too. Work is in an industrial area also. It makes you wonder about it.

phlskygirl said...

Ice cream trucks... candy and comic book stores.  Why can't they target adults, for chrissakes??  I suppose they're just looking to hook 'em early, and have a nice long professional relationship that way.  Ugh.

Oh, and Congrats on your A!  I went through six weeks of airline training that way... every Friday being 100% (not 85%, not 99%, but 100%) sure I'd failed that week's aircraft final.  It felt more like a gift, that A, and not something I'd deserved!  Oh, the highs and lows of a professional sky bunny <eyeroll>


mikethedawg said...

All I can think of is Van Halens "I'm your ice cream man"....

Bastards, taking away the innocence and bringing in the crime. Bastards. I guess it's all about supply and demand though [that's from the "A" I got on my Micro Economics final, Winka Winka.]

I never liked the kids buying ice cream from a truck either... ever since that one tweety bird frozen treat had 3 eyes...

andreakingme said...

"Do you wanna pushup, 3 kilos or an ice cream sammich?"

Yep. Bastiges. I feel so sorry for today's kids having to deal with these issues, plus all the rest of the issues ... makes me tired just thinking about it. I'm so glad that all I have are cats.

Congratz on the A, dork!

jeff466 said...

That is horrible!  How scary-Glad you are safe minded.

Congratulations on your test!!! Giggling is totally appropriate :)

Hope you have a great weekend-Jeff