Tuesday, March 1, 2005

A Much-Needed Purge

I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK
I sleep all night and I work all day
(He's a lumberjack and he's OK
He sleeps all night and he works all day)

I cut down trees, I eat my lunch
I go to the lavat'ry
On Wednesdays I go shopping
And have buttered scones for tea
(He cuts down trees...)
(He's a lumberjack...)

from Monty Python's Flying Circus

This giant dude has been part of Albuquerque since I was a pup.  There used to be a hardware store underneath him, but now its a Vietnamese restaurant (see the May Cafe sign underneath?).  I'm just glad they decided to leave him.  There's always pigeons on his head, poor guy, but he's cool just the same.  I just love quirky stuff like that.  I'll try to post more pics of weird Albuquerque stuff as I drive past it.

As you can tell, there was sunshine in Albuquerque for a whopping half an hour.  Beggars can't be choosers, ya know.  Tourist note - if you don't like the weather in Albuquerque, wait five minutes.


I have a ginormous case of the don't wannas today.  Well, for about a week now, I guess.  I go through this occasionally and this time it seems worse than usual.  I've got homework I haven't done, cleaning I haven't done, my car looks disgusting...you get the point.  I haven't been to the gym since I got sick, I haven't been to a weigh-in in freaking forever.  The Daily Purge has now morphed into the semi-weekly/bi-monthly purge and that's totally my fault.  I need someone to smack me back into shape.



Since I found out you can check out DVD's and videos from the library, we've been watching tons of stuff.  I checked out Harold & Maude because it brought warm fuzzies, and my daughter actually enjoyed it.  Even though it came out the year I was born, that movie is such a trip and its highly recommended.  The music is awesome - I'm kind of a Cat Stevens fan, sort of in a way, but the music is so appropriate.  10 stars - a must see.


Boredom is today's theme, in case you haven't noticed.  Aileen and I had the most random conversation last night out of sheer, unadulterated BOREDOM.  That's probably part of the reason my Purge has been so tame lately - there's just not that much going on.  Not that its a bad thing to have an uneventful existance, its just so typical that its not so fun to read about.

Work, school, kids, sleep, work school, kids, sleep.  Repeat.


I have a little dog named Tinkerbell who sleeps more soundly than anyone (human, animal or otherwise) I've ever known.  Not too long ago she scared me to death, because as I went to relocate her (she sleeps with me) I thought she was dead.  I picked her up and she was limp, I shook her gently....still limp.  I was in tears and semi-hysterical before she finally woke up looking dazed and confused. 

Well now she sleeps on the big chair next to my bed, or on the floor because the dog wets the bed.  She sleeps so hard she pees and doesn't wake up or realize it.  I've tried everything I know, up to and including waking myself up in the wee hours of the morning to let her out - she still does it.  Tinkerbell dreams a lot (you can tell by the movement of her little paws and the tiny boof boof noises she makes) and Louie thinks she's dreaming she's outside.

There's boredom defined - I just wrote about my dog's bed wetting problem.


I'm thinking I'll quit before y'all start snoring!! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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judithheartsong said...

awwww...... hang in there. Maybe Tink needs hypnosis? judi