Tuesday, March 8, 2005


Notice the calming blue font?  We're practicing meditation today at the Purge....letting go of all stressful things happening in our lives.  

Things like:

*    The bank screwing up, and instead of changing the address on Olivia's savings account, changed the address on all accounts with the same address.  Translation:  the ex wife got our replacement bank cards and all our bank statements. (!!!)

*   The evil meddling mother of a child at my daughter's school chose a new target:  my daughter.  Now we're in the middle of a bullying complaint because I'm tired of said daughter coming home in tears while the school ignores the problem.  (This mama turns grizzly bear when her kids are messed with.)

*    Someone who has made the intelligent decision not to fess up fed my dog Peanut something he shouldn't have had, and he spent the night barfing all over my house.  (Just so y'all know, he's fine today.  The carpet, however, has seen better days.) 

*   A certain pilates thingy I ordered online hitting my bank account three times to the tune of $75 "in error" plus over $100 in resulting fees, even after cancelling said thingy three times over the phone and once in writing.  There's nothing the bank can do (aside from cancel the card), and nothing the pilates program will do to rectify the problem.  (Hence the replacement cards, above, that are now in the hands of an ex-spouse.)  Warning - do not purchase pilates thingies from a very prominant pilates program online or via telephone.  Buy them yourself at Wally World.

*   A large portion of my molar broke off last night, but it didn't really hurt, strangely enough.  What does hurt is the owey jagged edge it left.  (I know - TMI.  Sorry.)

I need a Diet Coke on the rocks.


The sun is shining beautifully in Albuquerque today.  I'm ignoring the 40 MPH wind gusts, because its just wonderful to see the sun and feel its warmth on my skin through the office window.

Life, in general, is wonderful. 

I just found a Diet Coke in the office fridge, chilled to perfection, with the little bit of icy slush in the can!!  Instant attitude adjustment, here I come.



martinsek5 said...

LOL!   I can't wait to hear what happens with the bully.  Please let us know!  Pamela

lorileeboard said...

I do totally love your journal entries!  Very funny.  I think I'll be a fan and put you on my favorites list if you don't mind.  

akleindyke said...


I wonder if its in the stars... I am having a shitty day and the week is not letting up any.  Do diet cokes really help?  Hmm, maybe I should try one with out the jack.  LOL.


freeepeace said...

Dammit.  I mean, Ommmmm...
What a day!  I know of that jagged tooth feeling.  And no matter what you do, your tongue always wants to explore around there.  Ow. Ommmm.
Pisser about the bank and pilates stuff.  Grrrr.  Ommmmm.
Bullies suck!  Go get em Grizzly!
Glad to hear the pup is okay.

mikethedawg said...

That's right...soak in the sunshine and enjoy that coke!! It's over...it can only get better from there!

phlskygirl said...

1.  I love your ooooommm doggie!  He's almost as cute as HappyBunny!
2.  Freee's hit the nail on the head about the tongue roam-age around a fucked up tooth.  Like somehow it's gonna feel different 7 minutes later.
3.  You have GOT to drag your sweet little ass to Target and get some of Jones Green Apple soda... it tastes JUST LIKE LIQUID JOLLY RANCHERS!  
4.  AND it is absolutely divine with vodka!!!
5.  :::::::::belch:::::::::

jeff466 said...

Bank screw ups alone are enough to mess up an otherwise perfect day!  I hope tomorrow is a lot better for you :)  Ommmmmmmmmmmm....