Sunday, March 13, 2005

Rare Sunday Rantage


Yesterday I did the mom thing and helped Kayla with Girl Scout cookie booth sales outside a local health food store.  Before the booth sales started, we went inside to check it out - I'd shopped at a Wild Oats before, but never this kind of store.  It was wonderful inside, with fresh flowers and organic was so clean and the people were so friendly and helpful.  So I started checking out prices - I'm a mom on a budget, I do these things.  Everything in that bright beautiful healthy store was at least TWICE what I pay in the big unfriendly superhuge market.  $6 for a gallon of milk?!?  I don't care how organic and healthy it is, I'd have to take out a second mortgage to feed my family.  (No wonder I only saw luxury vehicles and expensive SUV's outside.)  Darn them!!

Note:  Girl Scout cookie booth sales entail standing outside a local store for four-five hours on a weekend badgering people into buying more of what they probably already have.  Its for a good cause, but its still not fun.  After hours in the sun and 150 boxes of sold cookies, we both felt we deserved six inch submarine sandwiches and large cola beverages.

ANOTHER NOTE:  My daughter and her troop know and understand that we are not the "mom scouts", they are the Girl Scouts.  Not us.  The only reason moms are there is to help with change and to provide supervision - the girls are supposed to do the majority of the work.  It stinks that many of you have been badgered by coworkers, friends and family into buying these cookies.  Its really not supposed to be that way.  And as an FYI - Part of the money goes to a local charity the girls pick out (ours is Animal Humane Society), part of it goes to cover cost, and part of it goes to the troop.


So, we decided to hit the large franchised submarine sandwich joint. 

Being a vegetarian, I've made my own little version of the veggie sandwich, with pepperjack cheese, guacamole, and all the veggies plus jalapenos.  (Its the bomb diggity sandwich, I'm telling you.)  So as I'm watching her make my sandwich, she asks me what vegetables I want.  I reply "Everything, plus jalapenos".  Then the upcharging begins. 

Mind you, guac is always extra, because anywhere outside of California avocados are like a buck a piece, so I understand I have to pay more for them.  "Do you want spinach on that?  Because if you do, its 25 cents extra."  Just to show my discontent, I tell her to skip the spinach.  On she goes..."Do you want shredded carrots on that?  Because if you do, its 25 cents extra, too.".  Fine.  Skip the carrots.  (grrrr)  On down the line - everything apparently (except iceburg lettuce) is 25 cents extra.  What the...???

In other words, I paid almost $8 for my signature veggie sandwich yesterday, and I didn't even ask them to toast it.  Its advertised at $3.99, and I'm used to paying $5.00.  Are carrots and spinach really that expensive?? 

Good grief, I sound old. 

Shoot me now.

I sound like my grandmother. 

(....shuffling off now....)


donah42 said...

Wonder what they'd do if you brought in your own little baggie of veggies? Maybe they get their produce from the elite grocery store:)

jeff466 said...

yuck, we ran into that at a chinese restaurant the other day.  I added some veggies to my rice and when I get the bill there is about 3 bucks added on.

I've not noticed our sub shops nickel and diming us to death except on tomatoes-they have a prominant sign saying you get 2 slices (paper thin) and anything extra is 50 cents for each slice.  They werent amused when I said leave my free slices off and add it to my friends sub at no charge!

I love the picture below of the blown glass!  

Hope you have a great week, Jeff

emenemz said...

Mom your not old your just...almost there! J/K don't hit me!!!! love you  big smile!and one itsy bitsy little queston..........HOW COME I DIDN'T GET TO GO TO THE SUBMARINE SANDWICH STORE!!!???? I was hungry....miss. No lets wait fro Kayla to get the cokes and don't get them even though we wer at a bridal store for two hours!!!!!! ok.....1...2....3..hehehe errg you anger me we were there for two whole freakin hours and it was worse for me because I didn't even get to try on anything since I don't get a dress.......(GRRRRRRR)
(hehehe evil grunt)
A much angrier Em

phlskygirl said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment on this one.  I think what they meant by a $3.99 sandwich was WITHOUT the $20's worth of crap you loaded it up with <eyeroll>...

Produce grown organically requires a lot more maintenance of the hands-on variety than food grown with pesticides & all those other goodies, so that's one reason for their cost, but another could have been the fact that this store sounds like "designer organic" -- you know, the type of store where wealthy people go to get their "better-than-average" foods.  Hokey, but they're out there.  I'd go for the ambience, buy one little something, and then trek over to Safeway.  I'm just sayin [pretend you asked]...

phlskygirl said...

PS!  I can't decide if Kayla looks more like her mom, or her dad!  What a perfectly adorable combination of the both of you!

moonsongnui said...

All the vegetarians I know buy all their food stuff at the Organic/Natural Foods stores whether they can afford it or not!!!

moonsongnui said...

All the vegetarians I know buy all their food stuff at the Organic/Natural Foods stores whether they can afford it or not!!!