Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Scalzi Photo Assignment

Sorry guys, that's the best I can do!!  This little guy was all poofed up, trying to stay warm in the wind this afternoon.

With the weather we've had lately, the only birds that are around are sparrows and pigeons.  Even the crows and ravens are hiding, and I have yet to see my first robin of the year.  This morning when I left the house we had blowing mud (rain mixed with blowing dust and sand), and snow.  We've had wind gusts up to 60 MPH, still getting hail, rain and snow...so the birdies are still hiding, and so am I.  The ones that do try to fly do it kind of sideways, madly flapping to reach the next tree branch.

I'm really ready for spring to arrive, and I'm sure they are too.  I'll let y'all know when it reaches beautiful downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I discovered today that birds are really really hard to photograph if you're outside.  A new challenge, right?  In a few weeks, the birds should be more plentiful and therefore easier to photograph.

Unless this counts:

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