Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Struggling with BooBoo

That would be BooBoo the giant puppy.  Today I have made the decision that BooBoo's gotta go.  She's become increasingly unpredictable, and has been attacking the other dogs at random.  Today, completely unprovoked, she attacked my older dog Xena and had her by the throat.  Despite Louie's attempts to get her off, she wouldn't stop.  Then, she turned to go for him.  Thank goodness no one was hurt too badly.

I hate to let her go, but I can't afford the risk to my children, or to Louie and I.  If she turned on Xena unprovoked, she could easily turn on my kids.

I have always defended pitbulls.  For the most part, this dog has been sweet and playful and loving.  I didn't want to believe the violent behavior is just bred into them, but now I'm having second thoughts.  We've had this dog since she was a pup, and she never displayed aggressive behavior before.  This has slowly developed over the past six months. 

So I'm a pit owner, a loving caring pit owner, and I've seen the aggressive behavior everyone's warned me about.  Is aggressive behavior just part of the breed, like other traits are in other breeds?  She's never been hit or abused, she's been loved and cared for and trained as well as we could.  She was not bred or taught to fight or be aggressive at all.  She's been well cared for.

Here we go with the whole nature vs nurture argument, but I'm wondering now if perhaps its just in the breed to behave aggressively.  Perhaps this is why we need to be aware that pits have these tendencies and use that knowledge when we decide to adopt one.  Maybe they just need to be in homes with no kids or other pets around.

I'd sure like to get other peoples' takes on this, so if anyone else has experience with pit bulls I'd certainly like to hear from you.

Happy Tuesday...


mikethedawg said...

You should talk to freeepeace about this...she's a dog smartie! This is a tough one. I'm sorry it's come to this.
Maybe "Xena" was making fun of "BooBoo":
Xena to BooBoo: "Ha ha what kind of name is BooBoo for a pitbull."
BooBoo to Xena: "At least I'm not named after a "princess warrior"
Xena to BooBoo: "Bring it on "BooBoo, I'll show ya what this princess warriors got."
BooBoo to Xena: Chomp.
End of Story...
Sorry, guess it's not funny, just couldn't resist. My 6 lb. Boston is named "Josa-fiend Xena" .... it's a good name for a dog.

emenemz said...

BOBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS HER SO BAD! my baby is evil little animal!WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MY POOR BABY!!!! *sobbing* I cried when you told me and I'll cry now if I think about it anough....stop thinking stop thinking!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

princessniaylah said...

My husbands favorite dog, Buddy, is a pitbull.  A few months ago, Buddy was accused of breaking his chain and biting a child, for no reason and unwaranted.  We were almost sued. and because we could not produce "up to date" shot records, we had to have him quarantined.  This cost us right at $500.00 for ten days.  But Buddy has always been gentle, loved, and never tried to attack anyone before, and he is three years old.  He even lets my 4 yr old neice pull on his tail.  Oh, yeah, he hadn't broken his chain.  Someone (we have no idea who it may have been) unleased it from his collar.  Anyway, I am just as puzzled and confused as you are.  BTW, your journal is a fun read, I have really enjoyed it!