Friday, March 18, 2005

Weekend Assignment: Spring Haikus

Weekend Assignment #51:  Write a haiku about spring!! 

(Extra Credit:  picture of spring in bloom - above)  

I feel like I'm in

high school English class again

but this will be fun  

My Spring Haikus:  

Spring in NM

boogers, watery eyes,

dust, pollen and wind  


 Spring is almost here

daffodils, tulips popping up

bright warming sunshine        


dornbrau said...

Hahahaha!  That sounds a little like late spring in Colorado (its still snowing here).

rebelchick2214 said...

I like the first one... captures the true essence of springtime. (By the way, we don't write haikus in high school English class... that was like a 4th grade thing.)

Amber -

cneinhorn said...

very nice!