Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Weird Albuquerque Public Art

I call this one . . .

"Ginormous Marble Toilet Paper Roll". 

I think this one cost around $500,000.  At least the tp holder's kinda art deco-ish.

Yes I know, art's subjective. 

Interpretations are welcomed.


pollysci said...

I'm thinking the artist is a woman who wanted to remind her husband to replace the toilet paper roll...

~tara :)

akleindyke said...

you should show the chevy on a stick, too.  or the san mateo designs... all art.

been really enjoying your entries lately, and am glad you are back, i was wondering what happened to you.  thank you.

take care.


phlskygirl said...

lmfao@"ginormous marble toilet paper roll"...!!  And where the hell have my Alerts gone off too, anyway???