Saturday, April 9, 2005

Bless me.

Isn't that gross?

I just thought I'd share with everyone that I sneeze when I brush my hair.  If its really tangley, I sneeze a lot.

My daughter sneezes every time she eats something with a strong mint taste, or if I give her cough syrup.

My dog Peanut will sneeze if I make the dog sneeze sound at him.  Xena sneezes when she wakes up.



50 MPH winds today in beautiful downtown Albuquerque NM.  Everyone's sneezing.  Instead of frost on my window every morning, I have to towel off the dust from the windshield. 


Random.  Trivial.  Weird.

That's my Saturday.




kuhlhiggins said...

LOL I sneeze when I get out of the shower or when I put perfume on. Dust really gets me sneezing and guess what! Out in our shop is nothing but dust. Figures doesn't it? Have a great Saturday Kris.

scottstonel said...

When I sneeze I sneeze five times , no more no less. Everybody thinks its weird. Dust also really gets me going. Bye.  Have a good week.  

jeff466 said...

We have such similar weather on the same days.  We had nasty winds today and for a few days last week.  

I kind of like it-when the dust isn't involved.  My Great Grandmother once told me that the wind was reminding the plants, trees and flowers to wake up from their winter nap-so I look at it as a fond memory of the past.  Everyone else around me isn't so convinced!  Jeff

mikethedawg said...

I sneeze when I pluck my eyebrows and when I walk out into the sun. I love sneezing! To me it makes me all tingly and flushed....kinda like an orgasim. : )

cneinhorn said...

that is a gross photo!