Monday, April 4, 2005

Daylight Savings Time Stinks.

That's my little Peanut ("peenit") snoozing in his self-constructed hammock.  His little booty fit just perfect in the arm of my jacket.  I wish I could curl up and snooze like that right now.


There was just a whole bunch of hullaballoo about us Americans not getting enough sleep.  Remember that?  Last week?  The side effects include things like increased auto accidents, productivity declines at work, and even more serious things like heart attacks.  Turns out, even our sex life suffers.  (Mine suffers anyway, but its nice to have something to blame it on!!)  Just last week every morning show had a series about getting more sleep, how to improve the quality of sleep, how often to replace your mattress....all this stuff ring a bell?

(SIDENOTE:  On the Today Show, a sleep expert claimed that your mattress doubles in weight every ten years because of DUST MITES.  Yep, that's why old mattresses seem heavier - they double their weight in BUGS.  EW EW EW EW EW!!!)

Then, Sunday morning, we have to "spring forward", meaning we all lose an hour of sleep (or an hour of our weekend!!).  Of course we don't feel it until the alarm goes off at precisely dark thirty Monday morning.  Today mine went off at what felt like 4:16 AM.

My teenaged daughter was just a dark cloud of anger from the moment I woke her up until I dropped her off at school.  Everyone I'm talking to this morning sounds exhausted, I'm exhausted....and we do this WHY?!??!

Arizona bows out of the whole time change fiasco, and more power to them.  I don't care if we do one or the other, but lets stick to one from now on. 


Random Randomosity:  I curled my hair this morning and it looks very "1982".  Louie thought it was beautiful and that's what really matters.  Meanwhile the guys have called me "Farrah" all morning.  I guess there's worse things....


On a medical note:

My Louie has been diagnosed with an inflammatory nerve condition.  Its uncomfortable, his arms go numb, he drops things...but its not life threatening.  At any rate, his doc prescribed a prescription anti-inflammatory.  I asked her when she prescribed it if it would interfere with his antidepressant.  We were assured that it would be fine. 

When I went to fill said prescription, the hunky pharmacy intern informed me that the combination could kill him, cause seizures or stroke, or all of the above.  He printed out all the cases where people have died after taking the combination. 

Needless to say, I fired the doctor this morning.  It would have taken her three minutes to go find her PDR and look that up to be sure. 

She's fired.


Have a great (YAWN!!!) Monday !!


mikethedawg said...

love peenit! love him! love him. love him!
Um, yah...i'd say M.D. is FIIIIRRREEED! Fatal combination. geez. not cool. so not cool. Wait...antidepressant and anti-inflammatory....oh gawd...better check my cabinet.

andreakingme said...

Jesus God, what do I respond to first?!

I love that doggie poo! So cute!

Dust mites DOUBLE the weight of a bed mattress in 10-years's time? oh noooo, i'm allergic to dust mites ... ::sneeze, wheeze, itch eye::

That damn doctor! I hope you do more than FIRE her ass. Did you at least TELL her what you learned? Sheeshus, with the money these people make, they really ought to take the time to give us the service we PAY out the nose for and that we are ENTITLED to. Damn, this REALLY pisses me off. (Can you tell?)

By the way, Farrah, I guess now you can't make any more jokes about Louie dropping the bar of soap in the shower.

freeepeace said...

Damn!  That's messed up about the meds.  Careless to say the very least.  Doc is lucky to only get fired.  Ugh!  Argh.  Geez!

Dust mites?  How am I supposed to get more sleep now, with this information floating in my brain?  Suddenly, I'm starting to itch.

At least now I understand why I'm exhausted.  But what about the other 364 days in the year?  ::shrug::

We want Farrah pictures. :D

jeff466 said...

Peanut is so cute!  I think Corky made it home without succumbing to advances from Petey-but I'll let you know :)

WHEW!  I'm glad the hunky pharmacist was on the ball!  That is so negligent of a doctor.

The time change did me in, monday morning I don't even remember turning my alarm off but luckily woke up with no time to spare to make it to work on time.

Dust mites-ewwwwwwwwww-making a mental note to replace mattress and pillows!

Hope you have a great Thursday-Jeff

boiseladie said...

Your Peanut is adorable!