Friday, April 22, 2005

Em's big dance

Well, there she is.  The most beautiful 14 year old on the planet.  She made it to the dance, all glammed up and on time.  There's a little pic of the monkey, too.  They were going together, but not together.  What-ev-er.  I still say they looked adorable together.

Sigh!  My baby's growing up! 

I hope she has a wonderful night. 


I love you baby girl.

(isn't she beautiful??)



mum24boyz said...

She looks beautiful!!

Robyn :)

kuhlhiggins said...

Your daughter is very pretty.

djzgirl71 said...

Beautiful?  Yes!  14?  OMG is she really? She looks so mature for her age!  I think she kinda resembles Norah Jones!!!  Girl, you better lock her up!  LOL


phlskygirl said...

She's only 14???   :::gulp:::

I hope she'd being fitted for a chastity belt!  Don't get me wrong; I'm sure Em's a good girl, but when some Tom Cruise or Russell Crow look-alike comes saddling up to her and whispers sweet nothings in her ear...    


In *I* come for the kill, simultaneously shoving your young beauty aside (but hopefully not into a brick wall; I *am* doing this for her safety, after all), while simultaneously rearranging my cleavage, popping a breath mint (or two), and pulling my ponytail back tightly enough to iron out my wrinkles!

So, consider it a public service from me to you, my dearest Krispy, as I solemnly promise to keep baby Em safe from all male predators.  Ahem.


andreakingme said...

Oh yes, definitely gorgeous. I love that dress, too. (She was going to the dance with "the monkey"? Bwahahaha!)