Sunday, April 10, 2005

Kayla Collage

This is what happens when Kayla's allowed to take a couple of self portraits.  (Of course I had to get her rockin' on out of the sunroof too) I just taught myself how to do this with Photoshop.  I just love that program!!

We went with the Girl Scout troop to the Animal Humane Association yesterday.  Their community project was collecting food donations for the animals there.  They got a tour of the facilities, including seeing all the animals waiting for homes.  It was SO HARD not bringing one home, but with 12 pets already....there's just no way.  Most of our pets are either from shelters or adoption programs, so I was really tempted to take a few home.  We were good though, and abided by our "no more animals" pact.

The girls collected about 20 bags of food for the animals, and learned about why its important to spay/neuter your pets, what to do when attacked by a dog, and how to approach a dog you meet on the street.  Of course they all earned their community project badge.

Now my kids want to volunteer this summer.  Louie made a good point..."They don't walk the dogs they have, why do they want to walk the dogs from the shelter?  They can walk dogs right here."  Leave it to Louie to sock it home with a well-aimed one liner.

I was asked to be a co-leader with another mom, and I had to turn it down.  No matter how fun it would be (and it would be a blast!!)  I just couldn't leave work early twice a month, and I also don't have any more room on my plate. 

I'm actually kind of proud of myself for saying no.  See, I'm learning!

Happy Sunday!


scottstonel said...

I`m so happy to have the first comment. Kayla just looks sooo natural. she reminds me a lot of my great neice at that age. speaking of animal shelters, yesterday a strange dog show up in our driveway. he was so friendly he was almost pitiful. he was about six months old and we figured somebody had let him   out, so we took him to the SPCA because he had no collar or identification. would`t you know it, about a half hour later somebody came looking for their dog. he had broken his collar and ran away. long story short[although it may be too late for that] we found out today that they have been reunited so it all worked for the best

jeff466 said...

I know what you mean about going to the Humane society and wanting to bring a few home!  I feel the same when i go.

It is great to hear about projects like that.  I'm glad you were able to say no-Congratulations!  I know how hard it is-for a long time I couldn't and then I would get so bogged down and everything would suffer.  

I hope you are having a great week :)  Jeff