Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mama Bear

I took this at the zoo a couple of weeks back and never posted it.  Did I ever mention that I love flowers?  I should put an image of Emily up there, since this is about her, but I don't have anything new and exciting, so that'll have to wait until next week.  At least I have a steady stream of new photos to post, eh?

I have now discovered what it feels like to sit and think of how many different ways I'd like to slap (and/or beat about the head) a 40-something year old man for looking at my 14 year old daughter in a sexually predatory kind of way.

Yes, she's 5'10 and well-endowed, so she looks older than she is.  (Yes, she's even taller than the amazon woman!) Most people would think she was a high school student, maybe even a college student.  I understand that.  It irks me that men WAY older than her are checking her out.  I know she's beautiful, but to me she's still a child.

Example 1:  This actually happened with Olivia, but you'll get my drift.

Sitting outside the local co-op while Olivia runs in to get a bottled water, a 40-something year old man approaches my vehicle and tells me my sister is hot.  ::Blood starts boiling here.::  I maintain my cool, and let this man know that she's my daughter (step-daughter, actually) and that she was 14 (at that time).  The scumbag doesn't even miss a beat, and asks if I'm single, since my daughter's underage. 

I give him the one eyebrow up "you idiot" look, and just finish my cuss-word soaked rant by the time she comes out from the store.  Olivia gets in the car and we leave.

Example 2:  This happens constantly.

Sitting at a stoplight, my daughter's wearing what I affectionately call "the belt" (a skirt that's too short but I let her wear it because it has shorts underneath).  Dude next to us is scoping out my daughter from his truck.

Sitting in the car waiting to turn, while another dude in a concrete truck nearly wrecks from rubber necking at (guess who) my daughter.

I want to put a giant sign around her neck with big red letters that reads:

                      I'M FOURTEEN YOU PEDOPHILE.

I know, dads are supposed to take this role, but jeez, it bothers me.

So she's attending her first (semi) formal dance next Friday with the monkey, and I'm getting all weird on her.  I don't mean to, but my baby's first formal dance...its a big deal. 

She picks out dress styles online, and although I know she'll look great in them, I nix half of them for the two short/too low cut factor.  So we're going dress shopping tomorrow, getting monkey man a boutaneer (sp?), and I can't wait to take pics to share.  I promise I'll let her get something classy, yet cute.

I know she'll look amazing, and I know I'll be verclempt.  Everytime we have one of these events I'm reminded of the fact that she won't be under my roof much longer.  She's growing up into a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful young woman. 




kuhlhiggins said...

Beautiful flower Kris. Sorry to hear about the perv's looking at your daughter. That is sick. I don't blame you for wanting to slap them silly.

phlskygirl said...

Yikes!!  Remember when we were 14, and we *totally* felt like we were already women, except for the small details, like still living at home, and still being in school, and not owning a car, and being unemployed because were were still going to school, and didn't have cars to get us to work because we were unemployed because we had to go to school??  

Forget the sign... make iron-ons on your computer, and iron them onto all her shirts (and the seats of her "belts", while you're at it)!

jmorancoyle said...

My heart is with you. My daughter is 14, too, and she doesn't look it either. Boys were so much easier to raise!

gardenmantis said...

I love the flower. I am constantly taking pictures of flowers, too.I also know what you mean about your daughter..I am in the same boat. My daughter is 13  and since the age of 10 she had boys looking at her! But having older brothers and not taking any of their stuff has made her able to stand up to the junk boys like to hand out! She even sticks up for her friends at school. I don't worry too much abut her but the looks can be unsettling.

cneinhorn said...

I know how we get wanting to protect our teenage girls and believe me, I've wanted to slap some guys silly too! pervssssss!

on another  note, I love the flower!


emenemz said...

How come I don't notice the weirdos looking at me? I feel very stupid now. Has this always happened? Well then whats my problem when it comes to guys my age? ERRG I do not need Iron-ons though! no no no.....hehe AND IT IS NOT A BELT!! It is longer then my finger tips! LOVE YOU THOUGH!! hehe very squoogy! I hope I am very pretty and smart and all that when I grow up! Just like my mommy! hehe SQUOOGY!