Sunday, April 3, 2005

Scalzi Assignment - April Fool's Day Joke

I am an extremely gullible person.  Once I trust you and believe you, I'll pretty much believe everything you tell me.  Its a huge character flaw that's allowed me to get bamboozled by my well-meaning prankster friends, husband, and even an online predator.

Every year, Louie has managed to pull an April Fool's Day joke (this year, thankfully, he realized I had too much going on and a practical joke would have sent me spiraling over the edge).  The first year we were together, I had just given him a set of my car keys and he moved my car and acted dumb when I asked him, indicating it had been towed or stolen.  He waited a full half-hour to tell me he'd moved the car.  A few years later, he told me his truck had lost all its oil in the middle of Broadway, so I'm thinking the engine seized, now we need a new vehicle....after he started giggling I knew.  He was also smart enough to call me, so he was too far to smack when I figured it out. He didn't do anything this year though.  Whew!

The all time worst prank ever was pulled on me during my high school years by my "best" friends.  I had just gotten my driver's license, and I was still nervous on the road.  I'd just bought my first car so I was driving more often, and still learning about things like judgement calls and which streets led where. 

My "best" friends told me that all the stop signs with white borders were optional, and this dorkbrain believed them.  So I'm madly running stop signs all over town because I'm such an IDIOT and I didn't realize...


Until I got stopped.  When I told the officer that all stop signs with white borders were optional, he just about busted a gut laughing at me.  Then he wanted to know where I'd heard that.  Here I am all wide eyed, explaining to him that my best friends had told me about this obscure traffic law.

Teary-eyed from his hysterical laughing, the cop took pity on me and explained that I'd been played .  Stop signs are NEVER "optional".

So, now I realize I'm the easiest target for a practical joke (or other cruel things), and I try to plan for April 1st a little.

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