Friday, April 15, 2005

Scalzi Assignment: Creative Tax Deductions!!

Weekend Assignment #55: The IRS, in its infinite wisdom, is allowing you to deduct one thing from your taxes that you haven't been able to deduct before -- anything you'd like. What do you deduct and why? Yes, anything. And your reason for deducting it doesn't even have to be good -- this isn't an audit, you know. I'm just curious as to what you'd pick.

Extra Credit: Do you wait until the last minute to do your taxes? Or did you have them done ages ago?

My new deduction? I have a few ideas:

The annoyance credit, based on how annoying we find this whole process each year, as well as how much time we spend being annoyed elsewhere as a direct result of government dorkiness.  (Yes, being stuck in traffic due to poorly planned commute routes counts!)  If you're moderately annoyed, your deduction would be $9500.  If you're extremely annoyed, $12,500.  If you're so annoyed you're head is about to implode, you get a complete exemption.  (Extra points if you're a CPA during tax season.  Sleep?  What's that?)

I'd like to be able to deduct the cost of my mortgage payments each year, just because that's my biggest expense and I'm feeling a sense of entitlement just now.  I don't have a good reason, really.  Just because.

I'd also love to deduct an hourly fee for the time it takes me to prepare my taxes each year, in addition to a flat fee per schedule or form attached.  Heh. 

Extra Credit:

I'm an accounting nerd, so I usually have my taxes done within hours of receiving all the W-2's.  This year I knew we were going to owe money for the first time ever, so I waited until this last Tuesday (April 12) to get them done. 

grumble grumble taxes grumble grumble


cneinhorn said...

I love the annoyance credit!  


pixiedustnme said...

just because is a perfectly acceptable reason - and frankly better then a lot of the reasons the gov't comes up with for some of the stuff they do!

gabreaelinfo said...

Great picture below. I don't think boys or girls are any easier to raise. It really just depends on the child. Our spawn is 22. He emails constantly and calls 2-5 times a week.

Hang in there 13-17 are the hardest years, after that they come back around :) . Take Care,

mrvls1211 said...

I have a seasonal job with H & R Block and I love tax season. When its over with, its sort of sad. I guess that is part of my own wierdness. We take more then 20 hours of classes each year to stay on top of things. Then you have the updates, and updates for the updates. It is all a big mess, but I love it. Maybe I need therapy for this condition but I can't find it listed anywhere on Web MD. If you know of a support group for this condition, please let me know. I could probably use the medical deduction.