Thursday, April 7, 2005

Scalzi Assignment: Wisdom

Weekend Assignment #54: Tell us all a single piece of wisdom you've learned from personal life experience. It can be a small thing, it can be a big thing, a simple tip or trick or the most important thing you've ever learned from life. But whatever it is, you should be able to state it in one sentence. That way people will remember it easier.

Extra Credit: Tell us: Would you have listened to your own bit of advice as a teenager? Be honest, now.


I've actually got a few of these, but I'll only grace you with the most important ones. (Thank me later!)

When you screw up, admit it.  This takes practice.  No one likes to admit they're wrong, and very few are able to recognize when they are.  Don't make excuses for your behavior, don't lie about it.  You'll get more respect from everyone all around when you just 'fess up and say something like, "You know, you're right.  I was wrong.  I screwed up."  or... "I was way out of line for making that assumption, I apologize."  (Try it next time you're aware of a screwup.  It blows people away.)  This is not to say you should take heat for stuff you didn't do or aren't responsible for, but it takes a truly confident person to be able to admit when they've screwed something up.  Think about it.  Bonus points for not only admitting the wrongdoing, but for the attempt at making things right.

Never work with family or friends.  It ruins relationships.  Family members and friends are the first to screw you over because they assume you'll forgive them, and you usually do.  What stinks is that the screwing over is usually in large proportion to your usual screwover, because they know you love them.  This goes along with....

Friendly, not familar, aka "Don't Poop Where You Eat".  Your best friend shouldn't be in your office/workplace, and neither should your lover/husband/wife/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/flavor-of-the-week.  I met my first husband at work.  Enough said.  It makes things weird.  It also goes along with the increased possibility of a major screwover (see above).

Extra Credit:  I never ever listened to anything an authority figure told me when I was a teenager.  Ever.  I still have problems with that today. (You know, the whole "Question Authority" mindset.)  So, no....I probably wouldn't have listened and I can't get too terribly angry when my kids blow me off.  However, I firmly believe that its a parental/old person right to be able to spew random wisdom and expect everyone to listen.  I'm a 30-something parent of a teenager, therefore I feel I've earned the old person right to spew.


***Spew Complete.***


kuhlhiggins said...

This entry is so true on all the points. I couldn't have said them better myself.

monponsett said...

Admit when you screw up should be Deny Everything.

"Money and Fam don't mix, like 2 guys with no chicks.....*** around and catch some serious ****" - Notorious B.I.G.

Don't poo where you eat = don't drink water, because fish have sex in it.


gabreaelinfo said...

Great color in that flower picture!


andreakingme said...

Well, I think you sound like a wise 30-something parent of a teenager with the right to spew! VERY good, VERY wise advice indeed, Kris.

(The next time I screw up, you can bet I'll be thinking of what you wrote here. Hah! Really. It'll give me something other than my screw up to think about.)

cyndygee said...


Family goes over in this category.

Friends go over h e r e.

Now, co-workers go over in this third pile.

Don't mix the piles together - ever.  Some things aren't meant to combine, like root beer and scotch.  It leaves a bad taste in your mouth!

Thanks for your entry! Real World of cyndygee

jevanslink said...

Loved all of your platitudes or whatever the heck they are.   Love your journal.  Love your best friend's journal too. I even love AOL once in a while.  Mrs. L