Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Unedited Long Overdue Purge

WARNING:  The following entry makes little sense and follows no set pattern.  Its a purge in its most natural state.


A milestone. 

After 18 years on the road, I got my very first moving violation this morning.  61 in a 45.  $120.  Ain't life grand?  I've always successfully flirted my way out of every ticket I almost got.  Not this time.  Officer Spanky was obviously in a very bad mood, and didn't appreciate my smart remarks.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"

"Yes.  I was speeding."  (duh? No, I didn't say that part)

"Are you in a hurry this morning?"

"Obviously."  (duh?)

I think I'm a changed woman, because I didn't even attempt a flirt.  I faked nothing.  I was completely annoyed, and it was obvious.  Is this what 30-something's like?  The "give me the ticket and let me be on my way" phase?

I will never hear the end of this one.  I'm just bummed that my perfect record is no longer. 



Rude People Stink.

Yesterday at my monthly professional organization meeting, I experienced an entirely new level of rude.  These meetings are held in an exclusive, expensive restaurant.  This restaurant is for members only, and is on the very top floor of the tallest building downtown.  I'd never be able to eat there on my salary, obviously.  Anyway, I found some people I like to talk to, grabbed a seat, took a drink out of the glass of ice water, and set my purse down while I worked my way around the room. 

As I came back to the table with my food I realized someone was in my chair.  The guy sitting in my spot happens to be the former president of the organization, but I still want to know where my purse is.  Turns out Mr. Formerpresident tossed my purse on the floor when he took my spot.  The response?

"Oh, were you sitting here?"

"Yes, I believe that's my lipstick on the glass.  Where's my purse?"

"Oh it must have fallen on the floor."


I swear some of these guys' mothers taught them zero manners.  None.

It worked out beautifully, however, because I got to sit at the current president's table with the hunky guy from the big CPA firm.  Right next to him.  We had a wonderful conversation, and I'm gonna help him with an upcoming event.

Take that, you purse tosser.


An adventure in the making.

I've decided I want to learn how to rollerblade so the kids and I can skate around UNM.  Hopefully I won't hurt myself or others in the process.  Its gonna be hilarious, that's for sure.


Flashbacks also stink.

I completely and totally abused a tech support guy yesterday over the phone, simply because he had the same name as my ex and sounded just like him.  The flashback was just too much to bear.  I later apologized and explained to him why he was weirding me out. 

Then he asked me for my number.  Big mistake.

Poor Omar Techsupportguy.


Spring Fever.

Its an absolutely gorgeous day here in the Land of Enchantment.  I can't wait to get home to spend some time outside.  For some reason, doing my homework sitting at the table outside is so much more enjoyable than doing my homework at the dining room table inside. 

That still doesn't make it any fun.


That's all.  Thank me later.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!



kuhlhiggins said...

Sorry to hear about your ticket. When I first got my licence I got 5 in one year. Luckly for me way back then they didn't cost as much as they do now. The purse tosser needs to be slapped around a bit. What a jerk.

phlskygirl said...

^5's to your "driver womanhood"!  It's about damn time, I say!  But $120??  Ouch!  What a price to pay!  At least it's not going to affect the cost of your car insurance, unless you make a habit of it.  Hee.

And good grief, I knew the dork's name even before I got to that part.  Ain't it grand to move on to bigger & better?  The techguy is not only a dork, but an oblivious one for asking for your number after you've just finished telling him why you weird him out.  Apparently, weirding out chicks isn't a concern for him [do NOT tell me you gave the guy your number!].

As for the purse-tosser [and dork exes, come to think of it], things always have a way of working out for the best, don't they?  :o)~

emenemz said...

Just so you know I am very suprised that this is your first ticket! But that guy was just a jack(butt)! He enjoys adding payments for no apparent reason. Like that he asked if I was 16?What ever pepe Wad! sorry angry with the jerk!Hope it doesn't happen again!
Emily :-)

jmorancoyle said...

You think 30 something makes you outspoken. Wait until 40 something comes along. Watch out world!

jmorancoyle said...

Watch out purse tossers and wierdo tech dudes.

jeff466 said...

Oh no-Sorry to hear about your ticket.  You had a good long run!

Mr. Rude Guy Purse Tosser probably left lunch with spinach in his teeth and tried to flirt with someone in the elevator :O  Sounds like you came out for the better as a result of his rudeness :)

Good luck on the rollerblading and enjoy the great weather!  Jeff

andreakingme said...

You have a great sense of humor and obviously, you're intelligent. Even us wacky whippersnapper goddesses have to deal with the dregs of society from time to time. It just adds to our character.

And guess what? I was going about 7 miles over the speed limit today and some asshole cop sped up and rode my on my tail. I hate cops. Hate 'em. Almost every cop car I see on the road drives OVER the speed limit (whether they're chasing someone or not). Nope. I just don't like a hypocrite.

Itchy Tail

andreakingme said...

p.s. Have someone take photos of you on the blades. Your devoted fans want to see this.