Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Albuquerque Politics

From the weird news file, with the subtitle "only in New Mexico"...

Mayor Chavez, photograph by Russell Maynor

Our little hottie mayor, Martin Chavez, has done wonderful things for our city.  He's improved public transportation, increased grafitti control, built more outdoor activity places, completed a downtown beautification project, initiated wildlife/environment protection programs and the "reduce your use" water resources project, among other things.  He's been a great mayor.

His wife, however, is a different story.  She's always demanded special treatment - demanding people to allow her to park in handicapped spaces, demanding for tickets to be dropped...she even screamed at a UNM parking officer, "Don't you know who I AM?!?"  (The parking officer told her she didn't care if she was her majesty the Queen of England, she wasn't parking in the handicapped space.  Miss Thang threw it in reverse and sped off, screeching tires and all...)

Unfortunately he's going through a rather bitter divorce, and the ex-wife has completely lost her mind.  First she starts attending city council meetings and berating her husband while she's there.  She questions his budgetary policies, threatens to run against him, and gawd only knows what else.  She's out of control.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, their teenaged daughter gets arrested for alcohol possession after she passes out in someone's backyard.  The mayor responded that he totally supported his daughter, and would be there for her regardless.  Mom, instead of acknowledging responsibility for allowing her middle-school aged daughter to be out partying all night, calls our local paper and says that its hard enough being the mayor's daughter, especially when she never sees him

Right on?

What happened to being a mom?  Your child is trying to tell you something, darling.  Pay attention.

This woman will never be elected to a public office here in Albuquerque after the way she's behaved.  I just feel sorry for her children - if she's saying that to the newspaper, gawd only knows what she's saying to them behind closed doors.  Apparently she has no idea how badly she's hurting her children by acting this way.  In trying to get at her ex, she's making life hell for her kids.

Wake up.  Your children are what's important here - not you, not getting back at your ex, not anything else.  Be a mom, for the love of Pete.

(stepping down from soapbox gracefully)

Photos and news stories from KOBTV, Albuquerque.



kuhlhiggins said...

The mayor's ex wife sounds like a total biotch. She needs to give it a rest.
PS The mayor is a hottie!!!!!

gardenmantis said...

The mayor must be a saint to have put up with her for so long! I think he works so hard and so long so he doesn't have to put up with her!

cneinhorn said...



jmorancoyle said...

    Tell it just like it is! Mom should be ashamed of herself for turning her back on her daughter.

mikethedawg said...

So sad that she's not empowered enough to be the woman she thinks she is. Some women just have empowerment way wrong and make things worse for the rest of us women. She's just not happy with herself and she's destroying everyone she cares about in the process.
Kids learn from their parents, maybe her daughter will see how poorly her mom is reacting and decide to do better than her mom ever did. Now that's empowerment.

lurkynat said...

wow kris... super irresponsible.
Who knows how the kid will grow up?

emenemz said...

HISS!! angery much mommy? hehe I didn't know about all of this. I have just learned something. hehe yay I feel smart love you mommy