Thursday, May 26, 2005


This was taken in my yard as well - I call these roses "Alberto's Roses" because he loved them so much, but I'd love to find out what they really are.  They're so bizarre - the buds come out bright yellow, then as they open they turn darker and darker orange, and at the very end they're almost red.  Weird, yet cool.


I just realized how non-sensical last night's entry was.  Whoops.  That's what happens when everyone's trying to talk to you at once...nonsense.

So Carrie won.  She's great, but I still say Bo was better...


So its been a little over 8 months since I dove into AOL JournalLand, and I've met some really wonderful beautiful souls on here.  People I would have never encountered otherwise, and overall its been an absolutely wonderful experience.  Who knew AOL-land could be so cool? There are so many awesome aspects of this space - its so personal, so "you".  You can mold it and create whatever you'd like, fiction, fantasy, reality, self-help, self-discovery, rants, raves, family-oriented, or pure nonsense, like I often do here. 

Therein comes the underlying more frightening aspect of AOL J-Land, and AOL in general.  Everything can be fiction.  You never really know who you're dealing with.  I sound like a low budget sci-fi movie trailer, but you understand my point.  I've met a couple of such people on here - people who seek out others to hurt, steal from, lie to, and otherwise take advantage of.  One individual in particular is a long time member of AOL and recently became much more prominant in the journal community, so it can be extremely difficult to pick these guys out.  Women seem to be the prime target for these types of predators. 

My point?  Be careful, ladies. 

There are some great articles online about this topic.  I just typed in "online predators" and came up with 40+ pages of results.  Some resources I found:

Dealing with online predators

Great online safety resources

Keeping kids safe online

So there's my public service announcement of the month.

After the doom and gloom portion above, I'd like to add that in general this is an awesome place to be.  I've learned so much over the past few months just from fellow journalers alone - there's so many cool people out there with such a great wealth of information.  I guess its just like anything else in life - its good to be a little cautious at first about people you meet online. 


BLAH.  I've got short timer's syndrome so bad its pathetic. Three-day weekend here we come...!!!

Oh and seriously, any of you rose fanatics out there - if you know what kind of rose that is, please e-mail me.  I really wanna know!!  (Really!!)

Have a wonderful Thursday....


kuhlhiggins said...

Beautiful Rose.

mikethedawg said...

Predators ha!
You should've seen my face when Andrea asked me if we could stay with Trishy while out in CA. I just about died. I screened Trishy very well, I aked her if she was planning to kill me in my sleep, and her response was..."Nah, I wouldn't do it while you were sleeping, what fun would that be." So right then I knew I was safe with Trishy, being that we have the same brain waves and all. LOL.
BUT SERIOUSLY, good lecture ma! Never too safe. BE AWARE!

jmorancoyle said...

I don't know what your rose is, but if I haven't mentioned it before, I really look forward to your flower pictures. They really are beautiful.

terrymannie said...

I'm pretty sure the rose is Joseph's Coat -Terry

mum24boyz said...

The rose looks awesome.. don't know which one it is, will have to check my gardening books... thanks for the public service announcement :)

etherealpeachy said...

Beautiful rose, I love roses. Found my way here through Mrs. Linklater while doing a J-Land Blog Jog. Have a good weekend.

mikethedawg said...

okay...vacation time is over....time to update your blog.... : )

jeff466 said...

That is a pretty rose!  I love the color.

I have enjoyed the blogworld too.  I started last November sometime and have really enjoyed reading about other peoples ideas/lives/rants etc as well as putting my own down.  

Its theraputic for me and it's cheaper than a therapist!

I hope you have a great weekend :)  Jeff

cneinhorn said...

love the rose, and you'r e right bo should have won....and yes, there is alot of fiction and it's always a good idea to be cautios when online!