Monday, May 16, 2005

Done, Finito, and ... FREEDOM

So, after my extended hiatus, I'd like to officially announce the return of my brain. 

The exam is OVER.  Five hours of mind numbing intensity that I will do my best to avoid in the future, except for that darned CPA or CMA at some future date.  That exam was hellish.  Pure evil. 

What stinks is that we won't get our results until August.  The accounting nerd in me went all through the exam and I counted 30 out of 200 that I wasn't entirely sure about, so that's an 85%.  I promised myself I wouldn't worry too much about it - maybe I'll have a pleasant surprise in August, or maybe I'll have an excuse to fly to Vegas next year to take it again.  Only time will tell....

It feels wonderful not to have to worry about studying or an upcoming assignment or reading any assigned work until Fall semester.  I'm really going to enjoy this summer to its fullest, and I'm already loving the break.  Its going to take awhile to get used to all the free time, but I'm sure I won't have any trouble.

I'd like to offer this open apology to all my friends and loved ones, along with the promise of being a better friend, journal reader, supporter and shoulder to cry on now that my commitments have eased up a bit.  Most of you guys are going through major life changes right now, and its an exciting time.  (Weddings, divorces, relocations, OH MY)  Anyway, I'm here now - promise.  Thank you so much for putting up with my crapola.

I'm done.  I'm so DONE!! 



kuhlhiggins said...

I am glad your exam is over. It sounds hard. I am sure you did great.

earpatchgoddess said...

Good because I volunteered you to go to a churchy choir thing- mother/daughter thing with my mom tonight....6:30 babe. (Hey, you're the one that said you wanted to be a better friend...and that's what friends do....they go to church in my place with my mother.)
Oh, and next Sunday is a family weinie roast at my house. 4:00, you're cooking green bean casserole and keeping 6 kids entertained and out of the dog shit.
Have a great time. Be sure to speak up, Dad's deaf in one ear. : )

lurkynat said...

Dear kris,
Good Job! I'm happy for you!
Also I'm really glad that you manage to do some great things for yourself because having kids is stressful!

jmorancoyle said...

I knew you could do it. Okay, just once, because everyone has to say it at least once - I TOLD YOU SO!

mum24boyz said...

I can't wait for my final to be over tomorrow night.. wish we could get together and party like!!

Robyn :)

gabreaelinfo said...

Great job!