Monday, May 2, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot-Significant Other

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of your significant other, or show off a picture of your significant other that you particularly like. If you are currently between significant others (hey, it happens), you can use a picture of a former significant other, or a picture of a really good friend, since really good friends, in their way, are just as important as a significant other.

Well, there he is... Mr. Wonderful (aka "my Louie").  Louie's one of my best friends as well as my one-and-only, and this is my all time favorite pic of him, taken on our wedding day, way back in 1999. 

**Pitter patter**

We've been together off and on since 1994.  (I refuse to count the "off" portions.)  Yes, he really does have the patience of a saint.

There's also this one, which I've titled "Put the #$%& camera away already".


cneinhorn said...

like the photos of louie!  he doesn't look mad in the second one does he? LOL  


donah42 said...

Love the pics :) He really does give off an aura of goodness! Lucky you!!!

mikethedawg said...

Oh...I know that "put the camera away look!" Seen that a coupla times!

Gawd! What is it about those dark haired, dark skinned martians anyways...something about them you just gotta pant and slobber all over!
Love the salt and peppa go-T! Mmmmhuh! : )