Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rootin Tootin Cowgirl Kayla

How cute is that?!?!  Just sayin'.  She demanded that I post this picture, and I relented. 


So as of yesterday, I officially lost all the weight I'd gained on my four month hiatus, "off the wagon period".  2 pounds, gone.  Go me!!


As of right now, T-22 hours until the official start of my vacation.  I am so psyched.  I NEED THIS.


I'm actually going to watch the American Idol finale.  As much as I can stomach, anyway.  Albert's post mortems are WAY more entertaining than the actual show - you guys should so check it out.


I had yet another flat tire today, a block away from the tire repair place.  My boss offered/insisted on helping me put the spare on, then asked "Didn't your Daddy ever teach you how to change a tire??"  I guess huffing and puffing in 100 degree heat took the fun right out of helping me out...

He was teasing me, obviously, and yes I really do know how to change a flat.  My Daddy really did  teach me how to change a tire, as well as change my spark plugs, change a starter, change my oil, time an engine, general tune ups, clean a carborator, put new belts in, general troubleshooting, replace hoses...stuff like that.  Girls need to know this stuff, and I'm still very grateful to him for teaching me all that stuff (among other things).

So there.


OK off to AI.  We'll see how long I last before I want to kill the T.V....

Happy Wednesday!!


mum24boyz said...

Have a great vacation!! love the pic, and wow! I sure wish someone taught me how to do all that stuff on a car!! rofl!!

Robyn :)

kuhlhiggins said...

Cool picture Kayla. Have a great vacation.

lamove04 said...

Great photo of Kayla, and what a beautiful sky.  I want a horsie!  

Thanks for the compliment, Kris-- your'e a sweetie!!  --Albert

jmorancoyle said...

YOU ARE MY HERO! I'm lucky I can buy gas and I should tune my car? Wow.

jmorancoyle said...

Oh, and Kayla's picture is really cute.

lurkynat said...

kris're great and I mentioned you in my journal.
I love the photo and the horse. Kayla looks very spirited!
And that is great that you can fix a car so well!