Friday, May 6, 2005

Scalzi Assignment - Mother/Child pics

Weekend Assignment #58: Post one of your favorite mother/child pictures. This could be a picture of you and your mother (at any age), or a picture of you with your children (again, at any age), or even one of your spouse and kids. But it should be a mother who is important to you personally.

Extra Credit (this is an optional part of the assignment): Share a piece of fun trivia about your mom.


OK you guys have seen that one before - that's a pic of my mother with Emily.  She looks so beautiful and happy in this picture, and I think that's why its one of my favorites.  I also found this one:

Vintage!!  That's yours truly in an extremely rare photograph of my parents together on Easter Sunday.  (dig that tie, dad.)

Extra Credit - Mom Trivia:

My mother had a job as a human mannequin - can you imagine how hard that would be?  Sitting perfectly still for hours outside a store in the mall while people poke at you to see if you're real or breathing?  Kids would peek under her dresses to see if she was real. 

I have learned more about my mother since she passed away than when she was alive.  My mom wasn't around when I was growing up - we saw her once a month, and I remember most of those times fondly.  I've learned that my mother was a talented seamstress, who made a lot of my clothes when I was little, my first Christmas stocking, my first apron...stuff moms do.  She was also an amazing cook, and could whip up amazing things from scratch.  She made wedding cakes with all the tiers, and a giant cookie monster cake for my 5th birthday. (I still dream about those Swedish pancakes...mmmmm)  My mother was a professional model, and I found her portfolio after she passed away.  I'm sometimes amazed at how beautiful she was.  My mother LOVED Barry Manilow (ack!), and sappy music from Elton John.  My mother always smelled good, gave the best hugs, and she always looked amazing. 

So, a bit of advice for the people out there that love to complain about your meddling mom or how your mom drives you nuts ... cherish that.  Love it, love her, and hug her often.  You'll miss her terribly one day.


Happy Mother's Day, everyone!!!


pixiedustnme said...

oh my gosh!  i have a picture of me & my little bro with my parents wearing exactly the same clothes and hairstyles - rofl! now i'm gonna have to go see if i can find it....

kuhlhiggins said...

Happy Mother's Day Kris! Love the photos.

chasenkids said...

Wow.. Loved the vintage photo! This is a great entry!


cyndygee said...


Thanks for sharing the great photos and thanks for the reminder.  I still think I occasionally forget that the day is not far away.  My mother is in her late 70's and is recovering from a broken hip.

She was a glorious mother.  She worked so hard.  She was a wonderful cook and our house was immaculate.  She's a very intelligent woman, a reader, and can beat you at your own game.  Wonderful at Jeopardy and Scrabble, you name it.  Great mind, very logical!

Stop by my journal sometime:

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Happy Mother's Day Kris!  Such a beautiful, poignant entry.  Your mother was stunning.  


kissofvanity said...

That's a great pic.  Love the clothes!

Ana  ((0.~))

floralilia said...

beautiful!  and so true -

lurkynat said...

great comment kris the photo is great

sniffies said...

I know what it's like to miss your mom--mine has passed also.  I find myself seeing things that remind me of her, and it is such a poignant feeling--joy and sadness at the same time.  You are very lucky to have a mom that loved you and have happy memories of her.  I"ll bet you are a lot like her.