Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hi I'm Kris, and its been 24 hours since I had a Diet Coke.

<golf claps>

I don't know how long I can handle this.  We'll see if it lasts four whole days.  I want to prove to myself that I'm overweight and it has nothing to do with my addiction to diet coke.


Its hotter than a rat's butt in July here in beautiful downtown Albuquerque, NM..."but its a dry heat".  Whatever.  When your shoes melt to the asphalt, its hot.

Hot = grumpy women.  I feel sorry for you guys out there having to put up with us.  There's just something about the temperature rising that causes more slaps, bruises, raised voices and finger throwing.  Sorry everyone.


So my best friend is getting married this weekend, the dress is here (and I don't look like a giant sushi roll, thank gawd), and we're heading down the home stretch.  I know it'll be beautiful, despite her freakage, and even if its outside during the hottest part of the day in the middle of summer. 

JUST KIDDING it'll be beautiful.  I'm the totally supportive best friend, honest!  If nothing else, it'll be over and done with, and she'll be Mrs. LeAna Pickledude. (heh.  love you, Le.) 

Pictures will follow, if they're good.  That's the rule.  Crappy pictures don't get posted, unless its after my huge weight loss and its a "before" picture, with a caption under the "after" one saying "results not typical".  I swear I'll get there, and put that darn disclaimer there myself.


My body's doing strange things, speaking of weight loss.  I had the huge 5 lb weight gain two weeks ago, lost 3.6 lbs last week, and this week I lost/gained nothing.  The scale did not move, despite all the stuff I did.  SO, this week I'm eating more protein and bumping up some exercise and we'll see what happens.  The joys of plateaus.  I'm sick of saying I've lost 40 lbs.  I want to say I've lost 50 or 60.


I'm tempted to go the whole week without the Nectarof the Gods and see if that has any effect.  Like I said, we'll see how long I last.  (eeeek.)  I wonder if anyone else swore off D.C. after reading that article...

Any one else thirsty??


jasmineandlace11 said...

good luck with stopping the diet cokes i can not do it!

kuhlhiggins said...

You are doing great keep up the good work.

lurkynat said...

Good work Kris! Lol... I was rading this and thinking that yeah the extreme heat is amking me thristy and I get headaches and overheated..I actually think it makes me feel yeah... I admire your perserverance and your loyalty to your firend to still go to her wedding (have fun!) and all..
btw Lisa has been writing about the diet coke thing too and I may have refered about her to you lol another sign that I am overheated for real.... hugs you go Kris!

lcnavygirl said...

Here's the have to replace the Diet Coke cravings with something. Water girlfriend, water. Carry it around with you everywhere and that alone will help you lose the water weight that the Diet Coke is making you retain. There's still a ton of sodium in 0 calorie yummy, yummy Diet Coke. Remember the phrase " Water water everywhere, and not a bit to drink."? Well that's referring to sea (salty) water. It dehydrates you, even if it is water.

Oh, and by the will NOT look like a sushi roll. Ugh, is it a brides maids' duty to complain about the dress? Even if it is truly beautiful?

kristeenaelise said...

LE!  I wasn't complaining about the dress...I was worried about what I'll look like squished into it.  (silly girl!)

andreakingme said...

Feeling miserably hot sucks and I'm just like my mom when that happens. She turned into a raging biatch and now I do the same thing. High five!

So this not drinking diet Coke thing for five days is going to make, like, a huge difference in how you weigh? (How much Coke do you usually drink? Unless it's significant, I doubt you're overweight because of that.)

Well, good luck with the next few days and be sure to let us know how you fared, okay?

mikethedawg said...

It's all in your head Kris! Conquer it.
I recently had half of a "Tuesday Donut"...the first I've had in over 12 weeks... and it wasn't all that was just in my head.
Unfortunetly, the beer (or three) I drank last night was really great. Mmmm...
Beer...maybe that's what hot, grumpy, Alby women need...start the petition.
Plateaus suck...I know...but they do end, but only when it's the right time. It's just the mechanics of the body. The body is an amazing machine and it will do everything in it's power to keep that stable weight. But alas, it will not succeed and your willpower will prevail.

gabreaelinfo said...

Hey, hang in there. Year ago I use to drink diet soda like it was going out of business. I put on tons of weight. It was hard, but I got to wear I loved the taste of mineral water, or any water. I got really busy this past winter and was on the run a lot. I started drinking 1-2 diets a day and bam I put on 11 lbs. in just 6 months. I work out every day and count my carbs and calories so I firmly beleive it makes a difference.

You can do it!


jeff466 said...

Egads, the thought of giving up DC made me shudder.  My name is Jeff and I am a diet cokeaholic.  

We are having the dry heat here as well in our neck of the woods.  I ran outside barefooted on the patio to move the water yesterday and felt like I baked my feet to the cement.  I sprayed the cement down before I even attempted to trek back across.

Congrats on the weight loss, 40 lbs is nothing to sneeze at!  Here is to hoping the 50 and 60 mark is just around the corner :)