Thursday, June 30, 2005

Iced Tea Sucks Rocks.

What a cool shot of the little one!  She was doing the Lipton Plunge.  Remember that stupid commercial?

So iced tea sucks.  Diet Coke it isn't.  I miss the sweet nectary fizzy goodness of my drug of choice.  I miss swishing it around a little in my mouth so the fizz doesn't burn going down.  I miss the burps.  I miss treating myself to a big a** Diet Coke from Sonic after a hard day's work.  (Sonic has the good ice.  So does the gas station by the office.  The ice makes the drink.  I'm obviously sicker than I thought.)  Its especially good with just a few lemon wedges thrown in.  Oh, man. 

I've been nursing this iced tea with lemon juice packages for three hours and its not tasting any better.  Its smarmy (a krisism meaning the wrong temperature and generally disgusting).  Room temperature, all ice melted, cool condensation on the outside of the cup gone.  And most of all...its not Diet Coke.  And it gives me hiccups.


The whiney stage.  That's what we're calling this phase of withdrawal. 

So yeah I'm trying iced tea.  I'm liking Dansani flavored water, with raspberry and lemon flavors, but I'm afraid they have nutrasweet too.  So, I'll stick to ice water with the good ice and a lemon wedge.  Its a very poor substitute.  Extremely poor.  Boring, even.

Many have suggested the little Crystal Light powder packs you can dump in a water bottle, or sugar free Koolaid - I'm gonna try those too, if they don't have the dreaded nutrasweet.  Help a girl out - if you know of anything that may come relatively close to my Nectar of the Gods...please let me know.

Darn me and my experimental inquisitive nature. Like Ahndrea said, I just wanted to  prove every stupid Diet Coke bashing study wrong with a resounding "HA!" and a big nasty Diet Coke-induced belch, fist raised and all.

Sigh.  <hiccup>


derossetfamily said...

I just got your link at Andreas. I too am suffering my first week of non-coke drinking! I keep thinking to myself, wait, why did I do this again? It sucks!! I do like the lemon dasani, I drank that out of the need for something, aaanything, too. I've been on kool-aid all week. With sugar though. But only the reccomended dose :P
I did break down today and have two pepsi's, but it's not the same!
I'm also with you on the ice, there is nothing that satisfies me more than a coke fountain drink with lots of ice! ::pout::
Have you tried coke zero? It's like diet coke, with the aspertame-y aftertaste, but it's more subtle...and has 0 calories and 0 carbs. Could be worth a taste?
Anyway, thought I'd stop by and give ya some support, from another cokehead going crazy :)

cneinhorn said...

I love that p hoto,, you captured it at the perfect time!  Well, I for one, will be very interested to see how your little experiment works out.  That is if you can stay away from the DC.  I will stop drinking DietCoke too.  I do like the flavored sparkling waters, but you're right, they DO have nutrasweet in them, so my goal is to stay away from nutrasweet entirely...doesn't make sense to trade the diet coke for diet 7up! LOL  keep up the good work, and get used to the iced tea, it's really not so bad, honest!  ;)

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Ooooeeeee!  I have that pool too!

You're killin' me with that Diet Coke...I had just switched from regular to diet and here you go dispelling everything I believed in.  Sucks.  

I'm a major, major iced-tea lover...but you're right, Diet Coke it ain't.  (But it'll help you pee.)

:)  Peachy

andreakingme said...

Well now, it just warms my heart seeing Mary come over here with support and suggestions for you.

My work here is done.


danielled1 said...

Have you tried Diet coke with Splenda?