Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Of COURSE fat people drink diet soda.

So I saw this study "Drink More Diet Soda, Gain More Weight" on AOL's Welcome Screen, just like everyone else, and I thought....HA!  THAT'S what it is!!  The smoking gun!!  I can now become Instant Pathetic Victim, and blame my problem on something else!!


I got to thinking about it, and after reading the results, I realized its pretty obvious that overweight people are more likely to drink diet soda.  We're not idiots.  If we can drink something that tastes sweet and relatively yummy for ZERO calories, of course we're gonna.  (Duh?)  Doesn't it make sense that if you're fat, you'll reach for the diet soda versus the 250 calorie Coke with all that sugar? 

That has to be a huge factor.  Honestly, there aren't many people out there as kooky as me - those who actually prefer the taste of the diet soda.  (I can't stand that gritty nasty feeling you get after drinking a regular coke.  Blech.)  One of my girlfriends switched from Dr. Pepper to Diet Dr. Pepper and jump started her diet.  She lost about 7 lbs doing that alone.  So there!

Besides, as my dad always said, the diet coke cancels the calories you've previously eaten.  The formula works thusly:

(1 Big Mac + 1 Large Fries + 1 Milkshake)/large amount of guilt + 1 Big A** Diet Coke = 0 Calories.

Obviously I'm kidding, but check out this quote from the article:  Fowler is quick to note that a study of this kind does not prove that diet soda causes obesity. More likely, she says, it shows that something linked to diet soda drinking is also linked to obesity. It could be like they say, that our bodies crave more calories when we're "tricked" out of them with diet foods.  That makes more sense. 

So, new study idea:  Let's take a Diet Cokeaholic, like me, and deprive them of their lifeblood for a six month period, ceteris paribus (without changing anything else), and see what happens.  (I'm currently starting to experience withdrawals just thinking about that as I type it.)  Let's just see if it has a direct impact on appetite and weight gain.

My one vice.  I've quit smoking, cut down on internet time, given up red meat, started exercising, joined Weight Watchers...I want to cling to that one vice.  The one semi-harmless thing that brings me so much joy.  Nectar of the Gods...my Diet Coke.

I want PROOF, darnit. 

Logging off before thunderstorm zaps another entry...


Happy Tuesday!!


nmexpat74 said...

Anyone of at least average intelligence that drinks sodas and  is trying to lose weight is going to switch to a diet drink.  There's the connection.  Do you suppose they also linked unsweet tea and 8 glasses of water a day to the same obesity?

lurkynat said...

Dear Lisa< :):):):
Wow Lisa, you are sooo funny! And charming to boot!!!
I think that you're looking great, you're a perfect spouse and mother.
Also, you are very very entertaining! Move over Jay Leno!
I say, keep up with your nutrition and your walks and all that. I think that Splenda is still better for anyone than nutrasweet but that can be the joke between us.
You're right the Media thinks they own us!Not you Lisa!

lurkynat said...

Uhh..I meant Kris... very funny Kris! hugs, n

cneinhorn said...

oh this is all so very true....that would be a good study, take away the diet coke and see what happens....i love diet coke, but have had to cut back on caffeine, so am not drinking it much these days ::sigh::.  no extra weightloss or appetite reduction to report though :-(

~ jerseygirljournal.com

hillareeday said...

I found your journal via Unhinged. I am one of those kooky people too that like diet coke for its taste instead of that sugary regular stuff. I am anxious to see what the outcome of this experiment is.