Tuesday, June 7, 2005


First off, I have to mention that I have the most awesome husband in the whole entire universe.  Either that or he's really really well-trained.  Naw, he's awesome.

Tonight was the usual Weight Watchers meeting, and I gained a whopping 5 lbs in one week.  This has got to be amazing in itself.  You would have to consume like 4,000 calories a day to gain 5 pounds in a week, and I did not.  Trust me, I might have enjoyed 4,000 calories a day.  I did not partake in such caloric bliss.  I was a pretty good girl.  The caverns alone were like a 5-7 mile deal, plus I swam each day we were home, and hiked around.  I so deserved to see a loss, or no change, or something less horrific this week.  I know its probably water retention.  Ah, the joys of being female.

ANYWAY, so I called my Louie to report my crappy news, because that's what I do.  We celebrate together, he talks me down when I'm angry, and he pulls me up when I'm sad, and vice versa.  You know, the whole marriage/best friend thing.  Anyway, so I call him to tell him what a COW his wife is, and you know what he says??

"Don't worry mija, next week will be better.  Its probably retaining water or something, no?  And besides..."

(...this is why this man rocks my world...)

"I love every inch, every pound.  I love you either way."



Ok so I'm missing Aileen terribly.  I wish she'd get the heck settled already.  We missed each other as she was driving through - I was in Carlsbad 750 feet underground I think.  Now I have an excuse to go to Vegas, but I'm still suffering from Aileen withdrawals. 



Finally, my extremely sexy Aussie friend Drew sent me this article, about a former Hooters waitress who decided to sue after she felt she was tricked by her boss.  Apparently there was an incentive promotion going on where if you sold enough beer, you would get a new Toyota. 

...or so she thought.

Instead she was given a "toy Yoda".  A $40 replica of the little green guy from Star Wars. 

Get it?  I do.  Not funny.  She didn't think so either. 

Apparently the restaurant regularly had these sort of incentive deals for their employees, with real actual prizes.  So she sued the owners of the restaurant, alleging breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation. In the suit, she is asking for the cost of a new ACTUAL Toyota.

I hope she wins.


I'm back at work.  Darnit.  I lost my joy when the alarm went off at dark thirty Monday morning.  I know, I'm working on the attitude as we speak.  Vacations are never long enough.


I guess that's it for now. 

Happy Tuesday!!


kuhlhiggins said...

It sounds like your husband is a keeper. He sounds very sweet.

emenemz said...

Gushy parent stuff! Thats sweet mommy. Ms. Angry I'm glad Lou's here or you would be more angry with me! hehe sorry J/k Love you lots Emily
You do not look like you gained any weight at all so don't freak! :-)

cneinhorn said...

your hubby knew just what to say, don't you just love them so much more when they're perfect with their words??!!  ya, it sounds like water retention to me, but still, not nice to go and find out the number went up, not down...just think though, next week with the water weight gone, how much lighter you'll be?  maybe 7 lbs!  stay positive

~  www.jerseygirljournal.com

boiseladie said...

Your hubby sounds wonderful, lucky gal.

jmorancoyle said...

    Don't get discouraged. I was on Weight Watchers a while ago. Taking medical test one week, I was put on a diet of jello, bouleon and crackers. I couldn't gain on that, now could I? Well, I did. Something like 2-1/2 lbs. I know it isn't 5 lbs. Still it came off and more the following week. It just makes me wonder if a big change in the diet like that can contribute to the gain.
     Of course the other thing is, you exercized your butt off. Chances are you built up muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat.

mum24boyz said...

That is soooo not funny!!!!I would have been like, WTH?? I hope she wins, too!! I'm going to have to go join WW, too.. I also gained 5 pounds, and usually in the summer, my metabolism speeds up, and I lose weight. I refuse to go over 200 pounds, no way!! So I'm right there with ya!!

Robyn :)

mikethedawg said...

Kris!!! Go over to that Louie right now and hug him for me would ya. This brought tears to my eyes! Not because I'm totally freakin jealous that you have a husband who loves every inch of you, but because this means a lot to me that he supports you like this! It means so much to ME. (Is that wierd?)

And I'm glad you truly realize and appreciate his acceptance!
I think I'll have T-shirts made that read "Louie Rocks!"


andreakingme said...

It's probably just one of those weird fluke-ish things that you weigh more than you expect. Besides, as long as you're eating the right foods and you're active (and you feel good and KNOW you're doing the right things for your body), I would never sweat the poundage. Scales are evil, evil things. I think they should all be thrown out.

Man, I'm sorry you and A missed each other. That sucks. But ... we WILL be going to Las Vegas some time because Trish and A are tight, too, and as you know, I keep tabs on A. (I talked to her on the phone last week. She had allergies and sounded hoarse. But human. Who knew?)

And last ... yeah, Louie! You DO rock.


babyshark28 said...

this was a great entry.
and your husband has a beautiful soul. :D

jeff466 said...

I'm glad you had a great trip and have a great hubby :)

I hate that feeling after a vacation of impending time back at the office when the alarm goes off that first monday!  Heck, it's even hard after a normal weekend off.

I'm getting warm and fuzzy inside since tomorrow is Friday and I get off at noon!  

I hope you have a great weekend-Jeff

phlskygirl said...

Louie rocks.  Seriously.  "Eat a salad and go take a dump," would have probably been what I'd have gotten.  Heh.  

lurkynat said...

Dear Kris,
What would we do without your great sense of humor! Great!