Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Happiness is...

Every once in a while I feel the need to do what I call an inventory.  The kind where you stop and think about how great life really is.  I haven't done one in awhile, so here it goes.  I'm so happy my sunflowers finally popped up, AND THAT THE HORSE DIDN'T DESTROY THEM ALL!!


Crazy how the littlest things can make you smile or bring you joy...

Like ... sunflowers

Or ... a handmade card from your children

Or ... seducing your steering wheel with the song "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls.  I just love that song!!

Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Dont cha, dont cha
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me

Or ... realizing one of your very best friends in the whole world is your teenaged daughter (how cool is that??)

Or ... finally hitting the pillow after a wicked day, and realizing just how comfy it is

Or ... hearing your little girl's voice on the phone while you're at work

Or ... waking up and realizing you still have two more hours of sleep - or even better yet... that its SATURDAY!!

Or ... sliding into jeans that haven't fit in years

Or ... realizing how many great friends you have - you guys are so awesome!

Or ... hearing from a friend who's been MIA for awhile

Or ... having a conversation with your little brother - I miss you tons, B

Or ... how it makes you feel that your little dogs are so freaking happy to see you each and every time you come in the door, even if  you only left 10 seconds ago

Or ... slipping into that warm bath

Or... lighting that lavender candle in your room, after saving it for way too long

Or ... finally finishing a painting that's been gathering dust for (you guessed it) way too long

Or...stopping and looking back at how far you've come, and realizing it really was worth the trip.


Feel free to add more!! (I know I will be...)



kuhlhiggins said...

Beautiful flower. Loved your list.
Having coconut yogurt. Yummy.

lurkynat said...

Dear Kris, Gee I'm so happy that your sunflowers came up! That is awesome! Ilove sunflowers too! I guess for me that there is alwasy a new day on teh horizon adn friends who don't give upon you:):) hugs, nat

mum24boyz said...

The sunflower looks so awesome!! Flowers just lift my spirits so.. when they finally emerge after all your work...going out and buying new plants is like therapy for! love it sooo much..
Robyn :)

aiibrat said...

this entry made grin...thank you.  -=) it's good to stop & just really be happy about life and the nuances that go with it.