Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rude Mayor and WOOHOO

Mayor Chavez, photograph by Russell Maynor  

Remember me talking about the Mayor?  How I'm always backing up our "little hottie mayor", because he's done great things for our fine city???  


Today, after a public hearing at City Hall,  I met up with the little hottie mayor on my way to the parking garage.  I acknowledged him.  "Hi, Mr. Mayor".  He nodded and smiled, and took off in front of me, just a few paces.  

We get to the first exit door, and he lets it slam in my face.  I was miffed, but I figured he probably didn't realize I was right behind him, so I forgive him.  After all, he is the little hottie mayor who's done such great things for our fine city.  

We approach the second exit door, which is down a corredor with a ceramic tile floor.  This time I'm sure he realizes I'm right behind him, because of my heels going "click clack click" in my speedy little pace on the tile.  He lets it slam in my face...AGAIN.   

So I'm old fashioned.  I understand that.  But I still believe that its polite to hold doors open for all people - not just ladies, but ESPECIALLY ladies.  I realize I'm not a major financial supporter of his re-election campaign, but I'm just a lower middle class accountant.  I am however, a card WAVING democrat, who's backed his butt up on more than one occasion.  I further realize that I'm Xena the Warrior Princess in stature compared to his ... oh 5'6ness.  STILL.  I may not be dripping with diamonds, platinum or Gucci, but DARNIT I used to like this man.  I still look professional, and I have nice hair and smell good.   

Hey - none of that should matter!!  

Now - in stark contrast - his cute young male assistant who sprinted off the elevator I shared with him stopped mid-sprint down the hallway, doubled back, and made sure to wait and hold the door open for me before sprinting to the exit.   

So, I'm sitting here thinking - should I write an e-mail to the mayor and demand an explanation, should I write a letter to the editor of our paper going off about how his mama didn't teach him manners, or should I blow it off?  

My feelings are hurt.  

Am I too old fashioned?  He wasn't in a hurry, he had time to stop and address male counterparts in the parking garage and in the corridor...although I noticed today he does sort of walk like George Jefferson.  

So, help a girl out - I don't want my opinion of this once wonderful city leader to be forever tarnished by his blatant lack of respect or courtesy.  Should I let it go??  

The women I've spoken to about this have wondered out loud why I didn't either - ask him straight up why he let the door smash my nose, or beat some manners into him with the heel of my right shoe.  (And they were high heels, too!)  I don't think that I should be a jerk just because he was, and maybe, just maybe, I just don't have the huevitos to take off my shoe and tonk the Mayor on the head with it.  

No I'm not PMS-ing.  I'm curious - how would you guys have taken that?  


BY THE WAY.  I lost another 3.2 lbs this week for a whopping grand total of 35 lbs GONE.  Our wonderful meeting leader gave me a necklace of 35 colored paperclips to recognize how much I've lost.  When you look at it that way, and visualize it, its really inspiring.


Just thought I'd share.  Only 35 to go.  I'm gonna do it, too.  

Oh, and...  


That'll do Kris, that'll do.




boiseladie said...

Hmm...  I think it was rude of the mayor to not hold the door, especially if he knew you were right there on the 2nd round of exists.  WOW!  Congrats to you!  35 lbs!!!  I've gained about that much since my surgery 2 years ago.  I've got to get it off!

kuhlhiggins said...

How rude of him. I can't believe some people. That takes nerve. On the flip side congrats on losing 35 pounds.

jmorancoyle said...

    Congratulations, Kris. 35 lbs is a mega big deal! About your Mayor,,,,,, Never mind, you know how I feel about politicians. I don't trust any of them. I also have a problem with people who decide that when a woman has a strong opinion on something that she's 'pms-ing.' Come on, Mr. Mayor. I'll show you what pms-ing really is. Just cross me next week! Go, Kris!

akleindyke said...


I think you need to write a letter to the mayor...let him know that he needs to aknowledge there are other people around him.


plittle said...

Write a note to The Assistant thanking him for his thoughtfulness in holding the door for you, something  that no other man in the vicinity thought to do. It'll get back to him.